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Resource Guide to Alcohol Allergy and Intolerance

No More AlcoholAlcohol allergy or intolerance is a hypersensitivity to alcohol that can result in a number of symptoms, from the skin becoming flushed to getting horribly sick when alcohol is ingested. A study conducted by researchers at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz found that among 950 people surveyed with a questionnaire, roughly 25 percent of the group reported that they experienced mild symptoms of alcohol intolerance. Some of the symptoms experienced were itchy, flushed skin, a faster heartbeat, and diarrhea. If you regularly experience those symptoms as well as losing your breath, vomiting, or swelling of the lips and throat, you could very well have an allergy to alcohol. However, if you only experience mild symptoms occasionally, you likely aren’t experiencing an allergic reaction. Rather, your body just might not react well to certain types of alcohol. Switching from red to white wine or cutting out beer from your alcohol intake may make a big difference. Just be sure to realize when your symptoms are unusual or severe: You’ll want to see your doctor as soon as possible. Having an intolerance to alcohol happens when the body lacks the necessary enzymes needed to properly break down toxins that are in alcohol. This usually happens because of genetics. There are a number of things found in alcoholic beverages that can cause an allergic reaction to the alcohol, including chemicals or grains, sulfites or preservatives, and histamine, which can be a byproduct of fermentation or brewing of alcohol. A reaction can also occur if you have an allergy to corn or wheat.

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