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drug rehab

Addiction can be an extremely despairing condition for an individual to be afflicted with. It can realistically take over an individual’s life to the point where their substance of choice is their only motivation for living. In fact, things like family, friends, careers, and education can all become relegated to meaningless in the face of the person’s addiction. As a result of this, it will often require comprehensive treatment for an individual to be able to overcome this hellacious condition. There are several different types […]

heroin addiction

Opiates are one of the largest addiction issues within our society today. Of course, we have the various opioid pain medications that serve a valuable purpose within the medical realm, but they are also abused recreationally by many people. We also have the other side of the situation with completely illegal substances, and the most prominent of these is heroin. Heroin is used by a massive amount of individuals all over the country. Unfortunately, many people end up on it after having previously used opioid […]

maintain sobriety

Addiction can be an extremely difficult condition to overcome, but it is possible. It can be a long road for individuals to be able to first stop using drugs or alcohol, and it can feel like a monumental achievement when they do. But, there is more to recovery than simply ceasing to use the substance of choice, as it comes down to being able to maintain that recovery. Obviously, it would be desirable if there was a quick and easy solution to maintain recovery and […]

helium inhalation

There is a wide variety of substances that are commonly abused. Some will abuse drugs that are typically used for medicinal purposes, and others opt for street drugs whose only purpose is getting high. Then there are also substances that are less traditionally used but can still be abused. This category can include many different household and everyday substances or chemicals. Inhalants are the most frequently used type of substance within this category, with duster and “whip-its” likely being some of the most common. But, […]

adderall addiction

Different types of substances can be appealing to different people. Not everyone will necessarily fall into an addiction to a certain substance but may have large issues with a different one. Some of these substances are considered legal because of medicinal benefit, whereas others do not have any medical purpose and are illegal. One type of legal substance that continues to be abused recreationally is Adderall. Adderall is used within the medical realm to treat ADD and ADHD, but others use this drug without having […]

crack addiction treatment

There are various substances that individuals can become addicted to, and each of these can potentially require different methods to best treat them. Each substance may need separate detox or behavioral intervention methods. For instance, one drug that many are addicted to is crack cocaine, and there are certain best practices for addressing this type of addiction. The first step to addressing an addiction to crack cocaine is detoxification. Crack cocaine may not produce the particular type of physical dependency that a multitude of other […]

drug effects on academia

Drugs and alcohol are used by an extremely wide range of demographics. Virtually every potential demographic out there uses substances to some degree. But, one group that tends to show higher usage is teens and young adults. A large portion of this group is also still attending educational facilities, and yet many of them are using drugs and alcohol despite needing to concentrate on their studies. Consequently, research has displayed that the effects of drugs and alcohol can negatively impact an individual’s academic performance. Individuals […]

opioid addiction and painkillers

Various substances have continued to be large issues throughout the years. One of the largest as of late has been the opioid epidemic that has continued to rampage across our country. Millions of people have continued to have their lives ruined and taken from various different opioids. The rates of prescription have progressively skyrocketed, and the rates of opioid addiction have continued to parallel those numbers. The large problem with prescription opioids is the fact that they have an extremely valuable medical purpose, but they […]

sober living

There can be a multitude of steps in the path of recovery.  Of course, there is the initial attendance of addiction treatment, which can feel amazing to complete, and it is of course.  But, there can be other steps to be taken even after one finishes treatment. Some addictions can be extremely severe and it can take further recovery assistance for the person to be able to truly move past their addiction.  One such option that people can attend after treatment is a sober living […]

children affected by addiction

Addiction affects a wide variety of different aspects of an individual’s life, including careers, relationships, education, and family.  In fact, family tends to be one of the areas that is heavily affected by addiction, as they are the people that are most intimately connected to the struggling individual.  And when it comes to family, children tend to receive a large brunt of addiction. How Children Are Affected by AddictionTable of ContentsHow Children Are Affected by AddictionWhat Can Happen Once a Child is Removed from Their […]