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The epidemic of prescription opioids has continued to ravage across the country for several years now.  More and more people are being prescribed these powerful medications, as well as for longer amounts of time.  This, of course, has resulted in large numbers of individuals struggling with prescription drug abuse as well.  It also continues to take the lives of a multitude of people through overdoses.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids killed over 33,000 people in 2015, and this was more […]

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There can be many different things that can influence the rates of substance abuse within the world.  There can be mental, societal, and even environmental factors that can play a large role in the rates of addiction.  In fact, there can be many different aspects of the environment that can potentially play a role in the rates of addiction.  One of the largest that has been shown to have a connection is the weather. Factually, individuals of all types and climates suffer from addiction, and […]

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Struggling with an addiction can be a difficult situation for any individual to be in, but there are also those that it could potentially be harder on.  One of the largest addiction epidemics that is spreading throughout the nation is the opiate epidemic.  There are millions all over the nation that have continued to struggle with these drugs, and while it is difficult for everyone, one demographic that is struggling, in particular, is women. The reality is that women have a large amount of difficulty […]

There are very few who do not know about or have experience with the massive opiate epidemic that is sweeping across the nation.  Every single day, more and more people are falling into abusing opioids, whether it be through smoking, ingesting, or injecting.  And the rates of overdose have exploded along with this, being that opiates tend to be the most common drug to overdose on.  There have been many different initiatives put in place to attempt to reduce the amount of use and overdoses […]

The warmer months of the year bring a wide array of enjoyable things, like Fourth of July parties, grill outs, celebrations, and other activities.  And while the summer and warmer weather brings these great times and events, it also brings an increase of something negative as well – substance abuse. There are many factors and reasons why substance abuse increases during the warmer months.  For instance, there tend to be increased amounts of parties during the warmer months, and when parties increase, then, of course, […]

There can be many different factors and issues that can be part of addiction.  It is critical that addiction, as well as all of its different factors, are addressed during treatment.  One factor that can be of considerable importance to include and address within addiction treatment is any co-occurring disorders or mental health difficulties.  Treatment that is designed to address or include both addiction and mental health aspects is referred to as dual diagnosis. The Commonality of Dual Diagnosis The amount of dual diagnosis centers […]

One of the largest problems in our country tends to be one of the social, health, and economic domain.  One such problem within all three of those domains would be the epidemic of opiate drugs that has continued to spread across our country at a startling rate.  One may question why this is a problem of economics, health, and social, but there are a few different factors that make it so. One of the largest difficulties of our economy has been the fact that our […]

Drug addiction has continued to be an extremely large problem all over the country.  The opioid epidemic has been one of the largest problems that have continued to plague many individuals.  Opioids can be one of the most difficult addictions to overcome.  They can produce an extremely strong dependency and addiction, and many attempts to overcome them but end up relapsing frequently. A study recently put out by John Hopkins University has now shed light on what may be a major factor in the opioid […]

The epidemic of addiction is one which has continued to spread far and wide across our nation.  It continues to affect millions of people every single day, and it grabs those of all ages, nationalities, and other demographics.  There are large numbers of those struggling with addiction who are still school as well.  Handling those addicted within schools has been the main point of concentration for many years, because as the old adage says “the children are our future.”  There have been many different methods […]

Addiction has continued to be an issue of a very large magnitude for many years.  It can be an extremely arduous and consuming condition for one to struggle with, and it can be very difficult to overcome for many people. Fortunately, many of those who have gotten past addiction and recovered are more than willing to help others to do the same.  Those who have overcome their addiction want nothing more than to help those who are still struggling.  Being that they are familiar with […]