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  • What If I Relapse After Addiction Treatment? - Relapse is a surprisingly normal part of the recovery process that's often seen as a sign of failure by the patient. The truth is that relapse is more of a temporary setback rather than a reason to throw in the towel and consider treatment unsuccessful. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates for people with addictions are similar to relapse rates for chronic conditions like high blood pressure. Some studies place the odds of relapse after rehab as high as 85 percent; Continue Reading
  • Suboxone Based Recovery: Why Users are Relapsing - Over the last couple of decades, over-prescription of opiate painkillers in the United States has led to unprecedented numbers of people who have become addicted had to fight through withdrawal symptoms from the medicine that their doctors had given them.  Many people are placed on a suboxone based recovery program to help them overcome their addictions. The problem has become so bad that it has been deemed the “Opioid Crisis.” President Donald Trump has declared the issue a National Health Emergency, and many of the Continue Reading
  • When to Seek Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction - According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), only about one in ten people who need treatment for a drug or alcohol problem receive that treatment, yet approximately 16% of the U.S. population ages 12 and older (40 million people) meet the criteria for a substance abuse problem (including nicotine, alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs). But, sadly, not all of them know when it's time to seek treatment for addiction. Meanwhile, federal, state and local governments spend close to $500 billion annually Continue Reading
  • What Type of Addictions Benefit from Short-Term Rehab? - According to many experts, the longer an addict remains in a treatment program, the better.  Of course, this applies primarily to the individuals who have abused drugs for a prolonged period.  It also holds true for those who have a co-occurring disorder that requires attention.  In these situations, a long-term inpatient program is the best option for gaining lasting recovery.  But, there are some instances where a short-term inpatient drug rehab or 30-day inpatient drug rehab is enough. One common misconception among addicts is that Continue Reading
  • Does Parenting Play a Role in Substance Abuse Prevention? - In today’s drug-oriented society, parents face the possibility of losing a child to drug overdose.  That may seem like a harsh statement.  But, the number of overdose deaths in the United States has reached disturbing proportions, and far too many of those deaths are young teenagers. According to the CDC, more than 64,000 people died from drug overdose in 2016.  More than 770 of those were teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19.  Most of these deaths were attributed to illicit and prescription opioids. Continue Reading
  • Rehab Options for Addicts on Public Assistance - Treatment of alcohol or drug addiction can seem overwhelming. A stay in a qualified rehab facility is the most direct course to long-term success, yet the cost of a stay in rehab can be out of reach for those with low incomes and/or no insurance. To make sure that treatment is available when it is needed, there are public assistance options that can offer these people the financial support they need to detox and begin the recovery process. These options range from government grants for Continue Reading
  • Is AA Creating Too Much Negativity During Addiction Recovery - There is no denying that AA does have benefits and that it has helped many people. It offers emotional support and people you can relate to. It provides a place to go to fill your time. It helps you reconnect with your morals and values, break down denial, educates its members and provides structure and hope. There is also no denying it is a largely outdated program with questionable success and religious affiliations rooted in prayer and spirituality as a cure. Despite AA’s claim that Continue Reading
  • Public vs. Private Addiction Treatment: Which is More Effective? - Public vs. Private Addiction Treatment: Which is More Effective? The United States of America and her people are now living through the worst period of drug abuse and addiction problems in our nation’s history. The addiction rates for nearly all commonly addictive drugs are well up compared to previous years, but by far the worst culprit in the moment is prescription opioid painkillers and thereby other opiates such as heroin. This situation has been dubbed the “opioid crisis” and the US Centers for Disease Control Continue Reading
  • Addicted & Pregnant: Is the Rehab Industry Properly Treating Substance Abusers - With the opioid crisis raging across states and media headlines in the US, public awareness of drug abuse and addiction has rarely, if ever, been higher. This means that more is being done now to prevent future addiction and to provide more accessible, and affordable treatment options for those who are already addicted than ever before. Despite these efforts, the numbers of people with drug abuse, or addiction problems in the US continue to rise. Clearly, more must be done. Some actions that may help Continue Reading
  • Pros and Cons of the Minnesota Model of Addiction Treatment - Over the course of history, substance abuse and drug addiction have always been a problem. Never has this been more true than now, with addiction to opiates, and drug addiction in general at all-time highs. The last century or two have seen the discovery and production of more and more potent and addictive narcotic substances with the rise of cocaine, heroin, and many others. More modernly, we have seen many prescription drugs appear on the market and many drugs that were at first deemed “safe” Continue Reading

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