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There have been numerous efforts over the years to address the widespread problem that is addiction and figure out how to deal with drug addicts. Many substances have become more potent and prominent, which has contributed to rising numbers of addictions around the nation. The efforts to address this issue have been quite hit or miss. For a number of years, the largest solution was punishment and condemnation of those struggling with addiction, which has shown to be extremely unsuccessful. On the bright side, the […]

Divorce is tough. Even when you wanted to end or dissolve a marriage, it comes with all kinds of difficulties: children, belongings, finances…handling all of these details while maintaining a job. Divorce is categorized as one of the most stressful possible life events. But since as much as 50% of all marriages end in divorce, lots of people do know what you are going through. Of course, that doesn’t always mean that people are understanding. Sometimes, even when a divorce is a relief, the toughest […]

drug classification

Many different types of substances exist within our society. Some of these have various purposes within the medical realm, whereas others are completely illegal and have no medicinal value. The numerous substances that are used these days are broken down into a few different categories. The types of drugs and their classifications depend upon the effects that they have on an individual’s physical and mental state. Various Drugs and Their Classifications Depressants One large category that includes many well-known substances is depressants. These substances reduce […]

addiction rehab

When it comes to selecting a rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, many people tend to choose a 12-Step program without doing any research. In many cases, their choice is based on costs and familiarity. Unfortunately, far too many of these individuals end up right back where they were before entering the program, still abusing the substance and ruining their lives. To better understand the reasons for this unfortunate outcome, we will compare the differences between 12-Step and Non-12 Step addiction rehabs. Our goal is […]

ecstasy abuse

The types of substances used within our society are quite numerous. Many of these are used within the younger crowds for the purpose of getting high. One very prominent substance used within this realm is ecstasy, which is a synthetic “party” drug. It generally comes in the form of a pill, tablet, or capsule. Ecstasy is known as somewhat unique within illicit drugs of abuse, and this is because it has both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects. When taken, it gives an individual the stimulant energy […]

alcohol rehab

Virtually any type of substance can become addictive to certain individuals, but of course, there are some that tend to bring about addictions more often. In fact, there are quite a few substances that hold the highest numbers of addictions. There is also one that has the top spot and has had it for quite some time, which would be alcohol. There are numerous reasons as to why so many people fall into alcoholism, but a large contributing factor is likely the social acceptance of […]

oxycodone addiction

Opioids are one of the most contemporarily abused types of substances. Their powerful effects can be used not only to help mitigate pain for those with injuries or painful conditions, but they can also be extremely appealing to individuals for recreational use. There are now numerous types of opioids out there that individuals can use. One quite prominent one is called Oxycodone, which is often prescribed to handle moderate to severe pain. What is Oxycodone? There are also several different types of medication that contain […]

drug rehab

Addiction can be an extremely despairing condition for an individual to be afflicted with. It can realistically take over an individual’s life to the point where their substance of choice is their only motivation for living. In fact, things like family, friends, careers, and education can all become relegated to meaningless in the face of the person’s addiction. As a result of this, it will often require comprehensive treatment for an individual to be able to overcome this hellacious condition. There are several different types […]

heroin addiction

Opiates are one of the largest addiction issues within our society today. Of course, we have the various opioid pain medications that serve a valuable purpose within the medical realm, but they are also abused recreationally by many people. We also have the other side of the situation with completely illegal substances, and the most prominent of these is heroin. Heroin is used by a massive amount of individuals all over the country. Unfortunately, many people end up on it after having previously used opioid […]

maintain sobriety

Addiction can be an extremely difficult condition to overcome, but it is possible. It can be a long road for individuals to be able to first stop using drugs or alcohol, and it can feel like a monumental achievement when they do. But, there is more to recovery than simply ceasing to use the substance of choice, as it comes down to being able to maintain that recovery. Obviously, it would be desirable if there was a quick and easy solution to maintain recovery and […]