The way that addiction can hold a person and their life so fiercely will always be something which is startling.  It is such that it can eventually take almost complete control of a person’s life and becomes their sole motivation.  The drive to obtain substances and use them can be very formidable.  Due to the way that it can do this, the Pope has even called it a “new form of slavery.”  This was said in an address to the audience during a Vatican conference called ‘Narcotics: Problems and Solutions of this Global Issue,’ hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

The Reality of Addiction

Drug or alcohol addiction can come about through many different means.  Whether it be experimenting, social pressures, lack of a family, or other underlying difficulties and issues.  The Pope also discusses this within his address.  Whatever brings about its advent, when addiction takes hold, it often sets in for the long term without any intervention.  This is why it often takes formal addiction treatment to help the person to overcome it.  As when they are in its grips, it can be one of the most difficult things to break free of.  Addiction can completely change a person and cause them to do things that they would never do in the right state of mind.

An important part of the Pope’s address was also that he discussed both sides of addiction, including the supply line, as well as the demand.  The supply chains are one of the largest thorns in our country’s side, as it continues to bring in and produce dangerous drugs in our country.  Pope Francis then brings up the point of ceasing the demand for drugs through different social and education programs.  He also includes family support in this, which is a valuable point to be made.  Family support can be one of the most powerful factors that can help an individual recover.  For those who do not have any family to receive support from, recovery groups are available to build fellowship that will help to support them.

Pope Francis discusses the fact that each person with an addiction has a distinct personal history, and also places emphasis upon them being cured and purified where possible.  The Pope discussing addiction at length is a very good push for the raising of awareness in regard to it.  Since many do not realize the impact and magnitude that addiction has currently reached, the Pope as a figurehead has a large presence that will help show people that if he is discussing it, then it must be important.  In this way, perhaps a larger part of the population will realize the enormous problem of addiction within our nation.

When You or Your Loved One are Struggling with An Addiction

Struggling with an addiction can be an extremely difficult situation to be in.  It can make it extremely difficult to try and make any advancement in life.  Addiction treatment should never be put off until a more “convenient” time.  The reality is that when it comes to struggling with addiction, treatment should be put first; being that it can be difficult to be responsible for anything else when using substances.  An important factor in attending treatment is finding a treatment center that will craft a program unique to each individual, so that all aspects of their addiction can be handled.  If you or a loved one are seeking help with an addiction, give us a call today.  We can help find you or your loved one the perfect private inpatient treatment center.

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