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Benefits from Biophysical Treatment

Why Holistic Drug and Alcohol Recovery Options are Becoming an Increasingly Popular Alternative

When people decide that they are going to attempt to break free from the dependence on illicit substances, they often run into problems when having to deal with withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can begin as early as a few hours after the user has last taken drugs or consumed alcohol. For many patients struggling with addiction, the fear of withdrawal symptoms can keep them right where they are. Over the last few years, the recovery field has seen the introduction of holistic therapies in order to ease these withdrawal symptoms. However, the benefits do not end there; these alternative forms of treatment are becoming popular because they deal with healing the whole body.

Defining Holistic Drug Treatment

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The basic notion behind holistic health is that the dependence on illicit substances goes beyond the physical addiction. This means that merely addressing the physical aspect is not enough; there are spiritual, social and physical needs that need to be addressed in order to make a whole body recovery.

If we take a look at modern medicine as a whole, it has become standard to focus on treating the physical symptoms. According to those who believe in whole body recovery, this means that many important aspects of the patient’s health remain unaddressed. The goal is to address this imbalance. In short, the objective is to help the whole person, not merely address the physical symptoms of addiction. If the problems were addressed without focusing on the patient in his or her entirety, it would mean that the solution provided might only be temporary.

Types of Holistic Care

These are also often referred to as alternative or complementary medicine. These may include any of the following: acupuncture – yoga – nutrition therapy – meditative techniques – massage therapy – light therapy – sauna/nutritional therapy – herbalism – Tai Chi – chiropractic – aromatherapy. Many of these focus on restoring imbalances in the body. The focus lies on bringing the body back where it needs to be, back in balance.

Biophysical Detoxification

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One of the main reasons that this form of recovery has gotten so much attention in recent years is because of the success of biophysical detoxification. Even though ‘traditional’ detoxification works in its own right, it comes with some underlying problems. When a long-term drug abuser continues using illicit substances, his or her body will activate its own defense mechanism. Because the body understands that our liver cannot handle the continual flow of toxins entering the body, it distributes some of these toxins across the fat cells of the body. When the body stores these toxins in the cells it means they do not have to deal with them right away. This is good for the body (it lessens the damage done to the liver and other organs) but ultimately bad for the long-term recovery odds of the user.

When the patient in recovery stops using altogether, these drug toxins are still present in their system. This means that once the person goes through the natural daily process of renewal, (which can be exacerbated by straining physical activity) this dormant drug residue is released back into the body. Now imagine that for a moment, as the patient trying to recover. You have made it through the first few weeks of detoxification, but you still feel those same cravings that you had before. At some point, the patient may feel overwhelmed. They may begin to feel as though there is nothing he or she can do to overcome the problem. A biophysical recovery option means addressing this issue and providing a faster detoxification process to remove these toxins from the cells. Possible options for this include sauna sessions and light exercise.

Evidence for these Types of Treatment

Because these holistic treatments often have less empirical evidence available, some people are quick to dismiss them. Fortunately, this perception is changing in many different ways. For example, even the United Nations has recognized alternative medicine as a method from which we can learn. Because many more people are exposed to these alternative forms of recovery, there is a growing acceptance of them.

Another controversial reason that many proponents suggest these alternative therapies are not getting the attention they deserve is because it is impossible to patent these forms of treatment. Because most of the medical research across the globe is privately funded, it is unlikely to be profitable and thus not very interesting for investors.

A Holistic Step to Recovery

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The main reason that these biophysical drug treatment programs are proven to be successful is because it detoxifies the body on a cellular level. This means actually addressing the underlying physical components of drug and alcohol addiction. An additional benefit for many patients in opting for this type of therapy is the fact that they will not be replacing an illegal drug with a legal alternative. This is because these holistic rehab programs do not advocate drug placement; instead takes an all-encompassing approach for better overall health.

They do this by providing nutritional supplements, light exercise and plenty of rest. The medically supervised sauna program will help remove toxins from the body at a much faster rate and even reach deep into the fatty tissue of the body where the drug and alcohol residue lingers. Once that is addressed, the physical cravings are now a thing of the past and patients can address the underlying problems that led to dependence in the first place.

Once the patient no longer feels cravings, they will begin to understand and experience it for themselves – they CAN overcome their problems. After the completion of biophysical detox, the patient has a clear body and mind, able to focus on how to avoid these problems in the future. For many patients, they have not felt this rested or energized in months, possibly even years, because they are no longer burdened by the toxic residue lingering in their bodies.

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