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The Fundamentals of Luxury Rehab Options

What are the Advantages and Possible Disadvantages of Luxury Drug Rehab Options for Recovery?

There are treatment options throughout the United States that are lacking in many of the drug recovery aspects. This could mean that the facility itself is in poor condition or the quality or availability of staff is subpar. Many of these programs focus on providing group therapy in order to reduce the overall expenses. These drawbacks might cause distractions to the patient when they should be focusing on one thing – making a full recovery. If a patient finds that a state-sponsored or low-end private recovery facility is lacking, they can decide to enroll in exclusive private drug and alcohol rehabs. Though the name might conjure up exclusivity and some may assume that this is the type of recovery program reserved for celebrities; it is an option for anyone who believes that the best possible treatment may cost quite a bit more but worth it, as it could give a better chance of maintaining long-term sobriety.

What is Luxurious Drug Treatment?

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In reality, this means that you will likely have the best amenities available. This allows a patient to focus on recovery instead of worrying about what he or she is missing out on. Oftentimes these facilities are near scenic locations or in the middle-of-nowhere to guarantee maximum privacy. This commonly refers to semi-private or completely private rooms, expert chefs who create gourmet meals and everything you need to stimulate your emotional and physical well-being. These options are obviously more expensive; so what are the main reasons that clients opt for these facilities?

The Best Possible Staff

These exclusive drug rehab options do not receive government funding, which means that they are funded by the patients themselves. Because the only obligation they have is to their patients, they are able to hire the best possible recovery specialists for these rehab facilities. Oftentimes the specialists who work there have experience with multidimensional therapies. That means that if one particular course of action does not work for the patient, they are able to adjust the therapy accordingly. It also guarantees an intensive treatment for each patient because these facilities are able to provide a better staff-to-patient ratio. This equates to more one-on-one time for the patients.

Many of the state-sponsored programs simply do not have the funding necessary to routinely maintain and upgrade their facilities and delivery practices. This leads to the use of outdated methodologies. This is not to say that what they use is ineffective, it simply means that there is something far superior available.

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Tailored-Made Rehabilitation

As previously alluded to, it means that programs can treat the person both emotionally and physically. These tailor-made programs are able to adjust to the patient’s needs when necessary. Individualized therapy and intensive one-on-one counseling are important benefits. Individualized counseling is not just done for the sake of privacy; it also allows the counselor to understand the patient better. This means they are able to focus all of his or her attention on the patient, instead of having to spread their attention across a group of people.

Better Medical Supervision

With having better physicians on staff, the patients can expect better physical care during treatment. This is especially important if a patient has pre-existing medical conditions or is undergoing a medical detoxification before enrolling into therapy. Even though many patients overlook the initial detoxification process, it sets the standard for the entire program.

Peace of Mind

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When it comes to the free rehab options, you do not always know what type of person you are sharing a room with. Perhaps you are sleeping next to someone whose presence is court-ordered. Not that the patient would have to be uncomfortable or in danger, but you can’t be guaranteed that these patients have the same motivation as you do. In a luxury rehab option, you know that the patients there are paying extra to attend – this often leads to more motivated patients. When all patients are focused and determined, it can create a sense of camaraderie that would benefit all patients when things become difficult.

The Best Chance at Recovery

It is normal to want the best for ourselves or for people that we care about, especially if we are dealing with something as serious as addiction. It is true that private rehab options are more expensive, but the overall quality often makes up for that. There is scientific research that suggests that money spent on drug rehabilitation benefits society, it is an investment that you make in yourself or someone close to you. Even though it would be great if we had government sponsored agencies that paid for the best possible drug rehab options, this is not where we are today. Premier rehab centers offer a better long-term chance of maintaining sobriety, but at a cost.

Drawbacks of Upscale Drug Rehabilitation

No single program is without flaw, and luxury drug rehabs are no different. It would be unfair to discuss the benefits and not discuss the negatives.

  • The costs – For many patients, this is going to be the major drawback. For some prospective patients looking into recovery, this is simply not an affordable option. It is not a possibility to take out a second and third mortgage just to enter into rehab. There are other affordable options available.
  • The location – As previously mentioned, these locations might be away from everything else in order to provide those luxury scenic views. If you are in the middle of Oklahoma and have no private drug recovery facility around for miles, it may be difficult to get there. We should also not forget the logistics of having possible family members visit either.
  • Isolation – Some patients see the connection with a peer group as a primary component of drug rehabilitation. They enjoy building a sense of community. There is a chance that in private, luxury drug rehabs, patients may stick to themselves as much as possible.

Find What Works for You

Recovering from a dependency to illicit substances or alcohol is difficult. It is going to take hard work and dedication to ensure that you even stand a chance at maintaining sobriety. Why would you settle for a recovery facility that does not seem willing to put the same effort into your sobriety as you are? This is why many people opt for locations that provide the best environment and recovery methodology. New Beginnings can help you with that. Call now to find out how to get started on your path to a drug-free life.

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