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addiction treatment

Over the course of history, substance abuse and drug addiction have always been a problem. Never has this been more true than now, with addiction to opiates, and drug addiction in general at all-time highs. The last century or two have seen the discovery and production of more and more potent and addictive narcotic substances with the rise of cocaine, heroin, and many others. More modernly, we have seen many prescription drugs appear on the market and many drugs that were at first deemed “safe” […]

maturing out

If you spent time in or around the field of drug addiction and rehabilitation, you may have heard of the recovery process of “maturing out.” Many people might not know exactly what is meant by “maturing out” so first, we will go over what it means. Maturing out is known by a few other names such as “natural recovery” or “spontaneous recovery” and generally refers to the process of an addict who naturally in the course of their life simply able to stop abusing the drug […]

12 step and non-12 step

The 12 Step Program Alcoholics Anonymous (or AA) was created in 1935 with the intention of forming a brotherhood of recovering alcoholics who would help each other recover and stay clean and help others suffering from alcoholism to do the same. It has since become the unofficial standard in addiction recovery programs in the United States and around the world. Many addiction treatment and recovery support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and many others have formed around the original core principles of AA. Many doctors […]

non-personalized treatment programs

For some time now our country has faced its worst ever peril of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and addiction as both a psychological and physiological crisis. This has begged the question as to, “What are we doing about it, and why hasn’t the problem started to go down yet?” Though some might not know it, not only has the problem not started to go down, it has actually gotten considerably worse very quickly. One problem that we might be having is that our treatment methods […]

rehab program

There are many types of recovery, there is a slew of different types of addiction treatment, which leads to a huge variety of types of drug rehabs to choose from, and the trick is finding out the right one for you, or for your loved one who is addicted. The drug-related mortality rate in the United States is staggering, it suffers three times the average global rate of drug-related deaths. Not only in the U.S. are we plagued by this epidemic but the international illegal […]

drug treatment program

Substance abuse affects a diverse amount of people throughout the United States, and addiction to opioids, alcohol and other drugs are on the rise. The CDC estimates nearly half of all opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid. With prescriptions quite attainable to over 300 million adults in the United States, substance abuse is more than common. Recovery from addiction is possible, but having the right support and treatments do play an important factor the success of an individual. Treatment facility programs can save the […]

recovery meetings

Addiction in this country is truly a growing problem, necessitating drug rehab therapy and different types of group therapy for addiction.  Addiction has never been as bad or as tough as it is now. For example, consider the following statistics as they pertain to addiction and recovery: Drug and alcohol addiction does seem to be getting more problematic, to say the least, yet there are ways of addressing it. Studies show that addressing addiction with treatment at an inpatient center is indeed very effective and […]

addiction treatment

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic condition that impacts the lives of both the users and the people who love them. Addicts struggle to hold a job, maintain their personal relationships, and take care of their health, often while trying to keep their substance abuse a secret. Many people who struggle with addiction deny the extent of their substance abuse and the impact it has on themselves and others, and because of that denial, resist seeking treatment. It may take time, an intervention, […]

dual diagnosis

Addiction is a condition that has had many differing viewpoints and opinions surrounding it. There are those that have called it a disease, mental disorder, or behavioral disorder. Realistically, addiction is a multifaceted condition, as it can come about and affect a person in a number of different ways. Addiction can manifest within many different types of behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, video games, sex, and other compulsions. It can also come in conjunction with other types of conditions. This is where dual diagnosis […]

Compassion Over Punishment:

There have been numerous efforts over the years to address the widespread problem that is addiction and figure out how to deal with drug addicts. Many substances have become more potent and prominent, which has contributed to rising numbers of addictions around the nation. The efforts to address this issue have been quite hit or miss. For a number of years, the largest solution was punishment and condemnation of those struggling with addiction, which has shown to be extremely unsuccessful. On the bright side, the […]