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Technology has changed a variety of things within our day to day societal operations.  It allows us to communicate across great distances, perform tasks, complete business transactions, and much more.  It continues to advance, and be employed in more and more areas.  As technology continues to simplify and facilitate many operations within this age, it brings the question of all the potentialities of it.  For instance, the use of technology within the realm of addiction and treatment. Most addiction treatments and therapies tend to rely […]

There have long been many barriers that individuals face in attempting to overcome their addictions. There is, of course, the immediate issue of being able to overcome the addiction itself, but there are other barriers as well.  There have been many quandaries as to the exact labeling of addiction, which has led to various handlings and methodologies being employed to address it.  Some of these have been more helpful, while others have made it more difficult for those who are struggling with addictions.  For a […]

It can be tough to admit to an addiction, much less seek help for one, which is a large part of the reason that many individuals do not.  There are of course also those who refuse to seek help or believe that they do not need it.  Whatever the case may be, these are all situations in which an intervention can be used.  Interventions have become increasingly popular over the years, especially since the TV show, duly called, Intervention.  While there are many who may […]

The catastrophic effects of addiction can be seen every single day.  One area that frequently experiences and witnesses these effects upon individuals is hospitals.  More and more people are being admitted to hospitals for addiction or substance use related health conditions, with a large amount of these being overdoses. A large part of this situation is the prescription drug problem, which has been officially labeled as an epidemic by the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC).  Individuals from various demographics have been increasingly developing addictions […]

Addiction issues are all around us within our modern society.  There is no demographic of people that it is not being affected somewhere in the nation.  One realm that addiction is surprisingly present in is politics, and not necessarily politicians struggling themselves, but rather close family members or connections that are struggling with it. Politicians and Their Stories Several politicians have shared their incredibly personal stories of family members and loved ones struggling with the demon of addiction.  For instance, in October, Donald Trump had […]

The factors and causes behind addiction have been under constant research for a multitude of years.  There have been several discoveries and realizations as far as the specific factors that influence and bring it about.  One factor that has been shown to play quite a large role in the development of addiction is genetics.  It has been displayed that genetics can be a large indicator of how likely a person is to fall into addiction. How Genetics Increase the Risk of Addiction Genetics are of […]

There can be a multitude of different consequences and repercussions of addiction.  Such consequences can affect a person’s relationships, career, education, and many other things within their life.  But one type of consequence that many addicts end up becoming subject to is that of legal repercussions.  The unfortunate reality is that addiction and legal issues often go hand in hand. Addiction can cause a person to behave in ways that they never would while sober.   Whatever the person to person case may be, the point […]

Technology has continued to advance within our country and society, and as it does, we continue to become more reliant on it for a multitude of things.  And while these technological advances are able to make day to day operations much more smooth, they have also affected substance abuse and addiction rates. Effects of Social Media Teens are one group that tends to be highly affected by the age of internet as far as substance abuse rates.  In fact, according to the National Survey of […]

Addiction is often a condition that a person struggles with for an extended period of time.  It usually begins as recreational behavior, or maybe even just use for medicinal reasons, but then it can often develop into more compulsive behavior.  This is when it becomes an addiction.  This compulsive behavior can often become associated with different social, personal, environmental or emotional stimuli.  These stimuli can then become what are called triggers. A trigger is quite a common term in addiction recovery.  It is essentially defined […]

A variety of methods are used to help an individual to get through addiction detox and treatment.  There are also ways that an addict themselves might use to help them cope or relax while in treatment.  One of such is tobacco use.  In fact, an extremely large portion of individuals who are in addiction treatment smoke tobacco.  According to a study published in the Society for the Study of Addiction, when compared to the general populace, smoking is more prominent among those in addiction treatment. […]