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What are Inhalants?Table of ContentsWhat are Inhalants?How are Inhalants UsedWhat are the Short-term Effects of Inhalants?What are the Long-term Effects of Inhalants?What is Inhalant Abuse?Can People Overdose on Inhalants?Types of Treatment for Inhalant Abuse? The inhalants definition, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, states that inhalants are “the various substances that people typically take only by inhaling.” Inhalants contain psychoactive chemicals that produce mind-altering effects when inhaled. These substances are easily accessible and are typically common household items, such as: Solvents — these […]

There is a variety of substances that continue to be large issues within our society. Some of these are derived partially from natural sources, such as marijuana and cocaine. Whereas others are synthetically created, meaning that they are made by humans within a lab. Some of these synthetically created substances are made for the purpose of use in the medical realm, whereas others do not really serve any purpose other than for individuals using them to recreationally get high. One of the latter that has […]

There are several different forms of opiates and opioids, and all of them can vary in different ways. Most come under the heading of being used for pain mitigation in the medical realm, and a few others are illegal and only used for recreational purposes. Different types of opioids can range quite widely in their potency. This is of course because there need to be different medications for the varying levels of pain that people can experience. One of the most powerful forms of opioid […]

In recent years, different types of drugs have become increasingly popular in the United States, some of which have earned more popularity than ever could be imagined. For example, without a doubt one of the most concerning drugs of the 21st century is methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a very common and very popular drug substance that has soared in popularity in the United States in the last fifteen years. MethTable of ContentsMethBeating an Addiction to Meth at a Treatment CenterLife After Rehab Meth is the shortened […]

Marijuana is one of the most common substances that is used across our country. It is legal for medicinal uses in some states, and even for recreational purposes in a select few. But, there are also extremely large numbers of individuals that use it recreationally regardless of the legality. There several different forms of marijuana that can be used, with each one varying in the part of the plant that it is from, or how it is processed. One type that has been increasing in […]

Drug and alcohol addiction has now become a serious and a truly concerning problem, one of which without a doubt needs to be addressed and worked on sooner rather than later. It is to the point now where according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has labeled drug and alcohol addiction to actually be a full-on epidemic in this country. This is the first time that drug and alcohol addiction has actually earned the title of being an epidemic. Prior to this […]

Different types of problems and different types of difficulties have come and gone in this country, and some have stayed longer than others. An example of a problem that we just can’t seem to get rid of at this time is the problem of drug and alcohol addiction and all that goes into the crisis factors that drug and alcohol addiction present. Drug and alcohol addiction is a steadily rising problem that, in the 21st century at least, has caused without a doubt the greatest […]

The amount of drugs that individuals can fall into addiction to are quite numerous. A single drug may not be appealing to one person but could be a large problem for a different individual. One substance that has been extremely prominent within the party scene, and primarily among younger individuals is Ecstasy. Ecstasy can go by a multitude of different street names, such as E, X, XTC, Molly, and several others. Or it may be called by the abbreviation of its chemical name, MDMA. Whatever […]

Sadly, substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction have all one and the same become very concerning and worrisome issues in the nation today.  This is not to say that drug and alcohol addiction have not been problematic issues in the past, but they certainly are very concerning factors now which need to be addressed sooner rather than later and which need to be focused on if the right approach and the right treatment methodology is going to be capitalized on. Drug and alcohol addiction […]

There is no doubt at this point that drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and a concerning issue, to say the least, one of which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  Substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction, combined, are now the single most concerning health issues in this nation, all of which need to be addressed effectively and sooner rather than later too if a peaceful resolution is going to be found for those who actively struggle with these types of […]