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Free Addiction Treatment: Is It a Recipe for Relapse?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic condition that impacts the lives of both the users and the people who love them. Addicts struggle to hold a job, maintain their personal relationships, and take care of their health, often while trying to keep their substance abuse a secret. Many people who struggle with addiction deny the extent of their substance abuse and the impact it has on themselves and others, and because of that denial, resist seeking treatment. It may take time, an intervention, or something as dramatic as losing a job to force the addict to realize how much their addiction is costing them. However, even people who decide to seek treatment may hesitate, afraid of the change, the commitment required, and sometimes the price tag of treatment. While rehab can be expensive, it should never be a reason not to seek help. Few people can quit drugs or alcohol on their own.

What Makes Treatment Costs Vary?

When looking at how much addiction treatment costs, there is a wide range in price, from free to thousands of dollars a week. The difference in price reflects the standard of living in the facility and the variety and depth of services available, but all share the goal of helping addicts learn to live without substance abuse. Cheap drug treatment centers and expensive privately-funded centers alike will offer drug detox, counseling sessions, and aftercare to prevent relapse.

In terms of living conditions, a luxury rehab center may offer extras such as private rooms, massage therapy, and facilities that feel more like a spa than a treatment center. No cost rehab centers will have none of these fancy benefits–conditions will be more like a college dorm, with roommates, bare-bones decor, and shared common areas. Residents may be expected to run the facility communally, taking out the trash, running the kitchen, and cleaning the bathrooms, among other chores.

The depth of service and quality of care is the other area that affects how much a treatment center costs. Facilities that cost more money can spend more on staffing, provide a higher level of care, and a longer treatment program, all of which contribute to a lower relapse rate. More staff members can provide more one-on-one treatment to help the addict address his or her personal struggle with addiction, understanding why he or she began using drugs or alcohol in the first place and how to cope with the stresses of life without substance abuse. With more money, these centers can also hire staff members who have higher training and more experience. With more resources available, more expensive centers can also provide a higher quality of care, with more medical monitoring and more intensive treatments. There will be more opportunities for personal counseling, family therapy, and support groups. Lastly, each day a person stays costs a certain price–the longer you stay, the more it costs, but longer stays are associated with higher success and lower rates of relapse.

Can I Afford Addiction Treatment?

Yes! Lack of money is never a reason to avoid drug treatment. While fancier centers offer more services, cheap drug detox can be just as effective if that is all you can afford. In addition, many inpatient rehab centers offer sliding payment scales based on your ability pay, and your medical insurance may cover part of the cost. For those who qualify as truly low-income, Medicaid provides both long-term and short-term treatment options.

Inpatient treatment offers the best chance of success for beating your addiction. If you or someone you love struggles with addiction, call our toll-free number to find a program that you can afford.

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