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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention

Addressing addiction in this country is getting more and more difficult with each passing year. What we have on our hands now in this nation is a situation where more and more people are becoming addicted to substances and more and more people are also being unwilling to get help with their addiction. Studies actually show that in a big way people are really starting to fall on hard times with their addiction struggles and difficulties yet they are very unwilling to get help for their various habits no matter what those various habits are. It goes without saying that this is very concerning. Addiction intervention is one way to help an addicted person see that they really need help, no matter how closed off they are to the idea of treatment.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health is the organization that is responsible for closely monitoring and studying substance abuse and addiction as it appears in this country. What they do is they essentially take it upon their responsibility to firmly and finally study all of the different aspects of addiction in an effort to gain a better level of compassion for the problem and as a result an ability to understand it better as well. All in all this is very helpful for them and very worthwhile as one can imagine. Getting free and clear from an addiction problem is a very worthwhile activity to say the least, and any help or better understanding that can be achieved thanks to better education and study results from organizations like the NSDUH is of course very helpful.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health did a study on the average addicted individual’s willingness to get help. From their study they found that anywhere from 80 to 85% of all struggling addicts in this country are completely unwilling to get help for their substance abuse problems. As one could imagine, this is very concerning to say the least. But the sad and simple truth of the matter is that people are simply unwilling and totally disinterested in getting off of a habit, which is why the addiction problem in this country has grown so much in the last few years. Only about 15% are actually willing to get help for their problem. Just that alone is why addiction intervention became such a necessary thing to do.


Addiction is terrible, and it often needs intervention.  Addiction intervention is able to offer a lot of help and assistance to people who struggle with addiction. An intervention is basically a gathering of people who are very close to an addict and who desire to help that individual find peace of mind, sobriety, and abstinence from even the most difficult and harsh of substance abuse problems. What this does is it basically serves to greatly help that person in convincing them that yes they absolutely do need to get off of drugs and alcohol once and for all and for good. There is simply no other alternative here. This is the successful and simple course of action where recovery is the best choice by far for these individuals.

After the Addiction Intervention Works

The way intervention pans out is very simple and realistically quite pleasant. People who suffer with addiction can enter into effective and stabilizing recovery programs after they are convinced to go to rehab by their family members and loved ones. An addiction intervention will occur simply with selected family members and loved ones and opinion leaders of the addict meeting together and surprisingly the addict in a room where they all sit down and talk.

Each member of the addiction intervention is able to basically communicate very openly and honestly to the addict about the addict’s addiction, what it has done to the family, what it has done to the individual, what it has done to the person communicating, etc.  Plus each individual can take this opportunity to tell the addict what they plan to do if the individual does not get help. All in all this is a very positive and very engaging process and is very effective in creating long term recovery and abstinence from drugs and alcohol addiction.

New Beginnings is able to offer intervention resources. It is a standard aspect to the recovery services at this program. For more information on how to organize an intervention or arrange an intervention or make sure that an intervention gets done on a loved one, reach out to New Beginnings today. No one should have to suffer with addiction and such hardship as that. New Beginnings is able to offer intervention, detoxification, short term and long term inpatient rehabilitation, and aftercare as well as dozens of other services. This treatment center is one of the most well-versed and very excellent recovery programs offering the most modalities to addiction treatment in the country. To help a family member or loved one get off of addiction and get into a successful recovery process, contact New Beginnings today.

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