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  • Problem-Solving Skills - We’ve all heard the famous quote  “you only fail when you quit trying.”  This catchphrase can apply to any situation in life, including addiction recovery.  Look at it this way.   Most successful people got where they are by never giving up.  If they failed at something, they tried again with a different approach.  And, they kept trying until they got
  • Job Readiness - Several decades ago, an addict would never have dreamed of being treated with respect and compassion.  They would not have imagined that a treatment program could teach them valuable skills for functioning in the world as a sober, responsible citizen.  The terms Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Life Skills Training, or Job Readiness didn’t exist.  It’s too bad those people were treated
  • Acetaminophen - Acetaminophen is a very common drug that you may not have heard of, but that you have most likely taken before. What is Acetaminophen? Acetaminophen is a chemical compound commonly found in over-the-counter painkiller medications. Specifically, it is one of the major ingredients in the brands Tylenol, and Excedrin, among others. Acetaminophen is a painkiller and a fever-reducing drug and
  • Narcotics Addiction - If you have been paying attention to the news or media lately, you have probably heard a lot about drugs, narcotics, and addiction in general. While many people are familiar with the term “narcotic” they may not know exactly what the word means. So just in case, here is the definition of narcotic from Noun. Any of a class
  • Ambien Addiction - With all that we hear about opiate abuse and addiction, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are many other addictive drugs and narcotics that people may not know the dangers of, or may even be struggling with. One example of a drug like this is Ambien. What is Ambien? Ambien is a brand name for a drug called zolpidem
  • Tranquilizers Addiction - Tobacco Use in Addiction Treatment A variety of methods are used to help an individual to get through addiction detox and treatment.  There are also ways that an addict themselves might use to help them cope or relax while in treatment.  One of such is tobacco use.  In fact, an extremely large portion of individuals who are in addiction treatment
  • Marijuana Addiction Rehab Treatment - Marijuana has been and continues to be the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. This is despite the fact that marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in eight or more states, and many other states have legalized the use of medical marijuana. With all the people using marijuana and the relaxing government restrictions on its sale
  • Cocaine Addiction Rehab Treatment - Cocaine addiction poses a very real threat to the lives and happiness of many Americans and other people around the world today. People like Carrie Fiorillo, whose life was derailed in her childhood and early teens onto a path that included a ten-year struggle with cocaine addiction. Carrie's Addiction Story As a young child, Carrie never really felt at ease
  • Crack Cocaine Addiction Rehab Treatment - Cocaine and crack cocaine have left such a path of devastation and lives lost or in ruins throughout our country and across the world over the decades to have become infamous in our society. Despite this vast public awareness and well-known reputation for destruction, cocaine and crack cocaine continue to be among the most popular drugs for recreational abuse. Of
  • Holistic Rehab - What is Holistic Rehab? First, we will define what is meant by “Holistic.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines Holistic as: Relating to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just to its parts. Holistic medicine attempts to treat the whole person, including mind and body, not just the injury or disease. So a holistic rehab is a form

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