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Getting the Best Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Getting help for your cocaine addiction can be life saving. Despite the fact that it is often glamorized in movies and television shows, cocaine is a very dangerous substance. Even though the dangers of the drug are known, it remains incredibly popular among recreational users. It is estimated that about 14 percent of the adult population throughout the country has experimented with the drug at one point or another.

Cocaine Addiction

It is not as though only the cocaine rehab centers see the results of cocaine use. There is no other illicit substance that drives as many people to the emergency room as cocaine does. Not only can the drug be physically and mentally addictive, it can also harm the body in a number of different ways. If people knew these different results, they would understand why cocaine addiction treatment remains as necessary as it does.

Effects of Cocaine Addiction and Use

Because cocaine works on the brain very quickly, its effects are far more pronounced, almost instantly, than many other illicit substances. There are both long-term and short-term effects to the abuse of cocaine. Oftentimes people struggle with these for long periods without cocaine treatments.

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Short-term effects:

The reason that the user feels ‘high’ when taking the drug is because brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin are not absorbed by the body in the right manner. It also interferes with brain nerves. This is capable of producing an almost instant sense of euphoria. Users experience an overall increase in energy and may feel as though they are invincible. The user feels less hungry and less sleepy.

Aside from the ‘desired’ effects, users can also experience a number of negative reactions. These include irritability, paranoia, restlessness, anxiety and panic. Depending on how the user takes the drug, the short-term effects can differ. While smoking or injecting the drug produces a very short but very intense high, snorting the drug produces a longer, somewhat less intense sensation.

Long-term effects:

Even though it is often portrayed as a ‘party drug’ and not as addictive as many other substances, there is a reason that people enlist the help of a cocaine treatment center to be able to recover. A few of the long-term effects that users struggle with include heart arrhythmia, headaches, ulcers, nausea and abdominal pain. Long-term cocaine use can also damage the kidneys. As with the short-term effects, the way that people use the drug can influence the effects. Snorting the substance can lead to irritation of the nasal septum, nosebleeds and hoarseness; while injections can lead to puncture marks, allergic reactions and collapsed veins.

Cocaine Increases the Risk of a Stroke

Cocaine RehabWhile most people already knew that cocaine use had a number of different, dangerous side effects, the fact that it can drastically increase the risk of ischemic stroke in young adults within 24 hours of use is reason enough to seek rehab for cocaine. One of the reasons that this might encourage people to seek cocaine withdrawal treatment is because a dangerous stroke can occur at any point.

There was no denying that cocaine can be extremely addictive in a percentage of its users, however, the risk of permanent disability or even death was only recently discovered. In fact, the leading researchers in the study even recommended that young patients who suffered a stroke should be screened for drug abuse after admittance to the hospital. The leading physician believes that the actual reported number of stroke victims because of cocaine use might be far higher than actually reported. They believed that the hospital admission treatments for cocaine would be far higher if there was standard drug testing.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction or Abuse

If someone consistently abuses cocaine, it can eventually switch from something that is used ‘recreationally’ to something that is done because that person has come to expect it. This is when it reaches full-blown addiction. Because the duration of the high is relatively short, users frequently ingest more cocaine in a single sitting. This means that users have an increased chance of becoming dependent, meaning that they need help for the treatment of cocaine addiction.

If the use continues, the body and brain become dependent on cocaine to provide the feelings of happiness and self-worth. The natural things that provide these endorphins (personal relationships, food and sex) no longer have the same influence as before. For most people, they are going to continue until they realize that they need cocaine addiction help. Sometimes this means money issues, problems with law enforcement or a personal tragedy.

Considering that cocaine is both addictive and dangerous, it is important that you speak out if you believe that someone you know is struggling with cocaine addiction. Getting people treatment for cocaine addiction at one of the cocaine addiction treatment facilities is the best way to avoid problems with addiction and the many physical issues that coincide with dependence as well. Remember that with the help from these cocaine addiction treatment centers, it is possible for someone to learn how to recover from cocaine dependence.

Getting the Best Treatment

Cocaine AbusePart of the problem with many of the different cocaine treatment options is that they stop after the user leaves the facility. The truth is that cocaine recovery takes longer than typical cocaine rehabilitation does. Just because someone enrolls into a facility for the treatment for cocaine, it does not necessarily mean that the cocaine help they receive there is going to make them immune from relapsing.

Cocaine rehab is an important factor, but it is equally important to remember that someone faces the pressures of social activity, relationships and their employment after they leave these cocaine addiction treatment programs. This is why cocaine addiction treatments that do not focus on providing new coping mechanisms are inherently flawed.

This is one of the reasons that aftercare is so important in your treatment options for cocaine. No treatments for cocaine addiction are going to ensure that someone never wants to use again. However, the aftercare service after the treatment of cocaine addiction can help someone recovering from cocaine abuse when it comes to remaining sober. If someone is willingly enrolling into cocaine addiction recovery and participates in aftercare programs, chances are that treatment at a cocaine addiction treatment center facilitates their recovery.

Remember that once the door to a cocaine rehab center locks behind the patient, it does not mean that cocaine abuse treatment is over. People have to be willing to take the lessons that they learned during cocaine rehab treatment and apply them in their everyday life. Remember that there is a difference between the available cocaine treatment options. Choose to complete your cocaine addiction rehab at one of the cocaine treatment centers that believes in the patient’s ability to live a sober life and has statistical evidence of their effectiveness.

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