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Finding the Best Marijuana Addiction Rehab

Many people believe that the use of marijuana is somehow less dangerous than the use of other illicit substances. The truth is that treatment options for marijuana do exist, primarily because there are people who need treatment for marijuana addiction. The New England Journal of Medicine published a paper that suggests that marijuana treatment may be even more important than most people realize, because there is more danger in the use of the drug than initially assumed.

Marijuana Addiction

According to the study published, the use of the drug will impair driving ability; is associated with an increased risk of dropping out of school and impaired school performance; can lead to psychoses, depression and anxiety; may negatively affect brain development; could lead to more dangerous drug abuse in the future, and may require marijuana addiction help.

The statistics also reveal (by measuring the THC content in the drug) that in the last two decades, cannabis has become increasingly more potent. While there were measurements of 12 percent THC in recent years, the 1980s only saw THC levels of around 3 percent.

The reason that the increasing THC levels could lead to more cannabis addiction treatment is that increasingly potent THC levels would mean that the consequences of using marijuana are only going to be amplified. According to the authors of the study, it might be the reason that more people report marijuana use when visiting the emergency department or the increase in fatal motor-vehicle accidents.

Marijuana Addiction and Abuse to Changes in the Brain

Marijuana AbuseGiven how many states are pushing for the legalization of the drug, people might suspect that there is plenty of research available that would suggest that smoking pot is harmless. Yet studies show that even casual use (less than four times each week) may lead to changes in the brain.

A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience found that it is possible to change critical brain structures, even after only using marijuana a few times each week. This should point out the need for marijuana rehab centers that are capable of providing rehab for marijuana use. There was another study that revealed that long-term use might lead to a serious drop in IQ points.

Users Develop Cardiovascular Issues

Even though people realize that changes in the brain are a very real possibility with cannabis use, few people realize that studies show that someone who actively uses is at a greater risk for serious cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks. In fact, a study found that 35 different patients had cardiovascular complications after marijuana use. In 9 of the 35 cases, the patient passed away as a result of these cardiovascular problems. Even though there need to be more studies to determine the causation between the two, it should make it obvious that rehab for weed smokers is a good idea, regardless of whether these study result remain consistent.

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Not Fully Open about the Benefits

One of the problems that many of the detractors of legalized cannabis use have run into is that legalization advocates will readily ignore a number of different studies that show that the use of marijuana has negative health effects. The most obvious should be the smoking aspect. We know that smoking tobacco has harmful side effects, who is to say that that the carcinogens released during the smoking of cannabis would not have the same negative affects? There is a reason that people who enroll into longer period marijuana treatment options report better lung function.

Also problematic is the fact that frequent use of the drug can impair memory formation increase the risk of schizophrenia and lead to other psychotic disorders. This is especially true if the patient is prone to developing these problems. If the narcotic is readily available for people to buy and thus lowers in price, chances are that we will see far more people who need marijuana addiction treatment.

Problems with Medicinal Use

Some people will say that treatment for marijuana is unnecessary or that marijuana treatment centers are simply there to make money. They suggest that medical marijuana is able to provide a number of different benefits that should further encourage legalization of the drug.

Unfortunately for people for who might need help for marijuana addiction, we are not merely talking about medicinal use in states like Colorado and Washington. These are just two of the states that have legalized the recreational use of the drug. If the drug becomes widely available as with alcohol, it would be logical to assume that there is more need for pot addiction recovery in the future.

Arguing for the Right to Smoke

Marijuana RehabOne of the reasons that the medicinal marijuana contingency loses some of its credibility is because they have a chance to utilize the medicinal component from marijuana – but prefer to be able to smoke in order to generate the desired high. If this drug comes with the complications that have already been mentioned, if there is an increase in people needing marijuana rehabilitation, is legalizing the drug really going to be the answer?

Talking about Marijuana Addiction Treatment

There is no denying that marijuana use is a complicated issue. Just legalizing a drug that has a number of dangerous problems is going to lead to more people needing marijuana abuse treatment. Despite the fact that we have successful treatments for marijuana addiction available, why risk the odds of more people becoming dependent?

The truth is that marijuana is not an ‘innocent plant’ that people can smoke without concern. The reason that we see more people who need rehab for marijuana addiction is because of the potency of the drug. Pot rehab is necessary, not merely because people enroll into rehab for weed addiction because they are mentally addicted. Cannabis rehab is going to take time for most people.

Mental Marijuana Addiction Issues

We cannot argue that marijuana abuse has the same issues that heroin or methamphetamine does. The user does not become too physically addicted on the substance. However, long-term use may lead to marijuana rehab, primarily because this substance can be mentally addictive. The user might feel that he or she ‘needs’ the drug in order to function. If this person does not enter into rehab for weed or look at one of the many weed rehab options, they are likely to continue to use unchecked.

Many people who seek marijuana recovery have difficulty controlling their drug use. They understand that use of the drug interferes with many aspects of their lives, but they are unable to stop. By enrolling into one of the professional cannabis rehabs, patients can get marijuana help. By getting treatment for the narcotic use at one of the marijuana rehabilitation centers, addicts learn that they can in fact deal with situations without relying on drug use.

Help is Certainly Possible

Marijuana RehabilitationIf the question is: ‘is there rehab for weed?’ the answer is yesmarijuana addiction recovery is possible at one of the many qualified inpatient marijuana rehab programs. Is the drug as dangerous as heroin? Certainly not. Do people still enroll into treatments for marijuana addiction because they are unable to stop themselves from using? Absolutely.

If you yourself need help with marijuana addiction or want to know how to help a marijuana addict, learn more about the qualified marijuana detox programs offered by professional marijuana treatment programs. Sometimes just getting someone out of their situation can be enough, and enrolling someone into one of the marijuana addiction treatment centers is able to do just that.

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