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  • 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Addiction - If we are going to increase awareness and understanding about substance abuse, the first thing to do is let go of our outdated misconceptions about addiction.  These misconceptions also cause many addicts to avoid getting the treatment they need. Today, according to NIAAA, only about 2.5 million of 22.7 million addicts get professional help for their addictions. What Are the Most Common Misconceptions About Addiction? Undoubtedly, fear, guilt, financial problems, and mistaken beliefs about the effectiveness of treatment all affect a person's decision to pursue recovery.  So, Continue Reading
  • When a Family Member Doesn’t Want Help for Addiction - When someone struggles with a substance use disorder, that person is generally not the only one who suffers. Family members and other loved ones also suffer because they often do not know how to help. In 2014, 21.5 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled with substance use disorder of some kind. With those numbers, chances are good someone in your family is struggling. Here are three ways to help a family member that doesn't want help for addiction. Be Prepared to Help Just Continue Reading
  • When You are Battling Alcoholism with No Support System - When you are battling alcoholism with no support system, it feels like a dark cloud is following you everywhere you go, hanging over your head until you feel like it will crush you. You are not alone. A recent study found that one out of every eight adult Americans is struggling with alcoholism. It's easy to obtain and it's affordable. Once you are hooked, it is irresistible. If you try to quit, it is only going to drag you back in. Battling alcoholism will make Continue Reading
  • How do I Learn to Live Sober After Being High for So Long? - How do you learn to live sober when you have lived most of your adult life high either on drugs or alcohol? It's not easy to do. If you are lucky enough to get help and overcome drug or alcohol addiction through a treatment program in a  rehabilitation facility, you will start a new life.  Once you leave rehab, you start your new life of sobriety with much self-doubt and sometimes even fear. You are fearful that you will not be able to make it Continue Reading
  • Will Staging an Intervention Help My Addicted Loved One? - If you seem to have tried everything to get your addicted loved one to go to rehab for treatment and nothing has worked, maybe it is time for you to try staging an intervention. Staging an intervention might be your last attempt at getting your loved one to see that they indeed do need professional help for their addiction. When a family member has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it affects the entire family in many ways. Is it possible that you are enabling Continue Reading
  • Transitioning to Life After Drug Addiction: Avoiding Relapse After Rehab - You have completed a treatment program in an inpatient addiction rehabilitation facility. Now you are faced with transitioning to your new life of sobriety without being in a structured and safe environment. Facing your new life can be a time of self-doubt and worry. Will you be able to avoid the temptation that is sure to pop up and can you avoid triggers which may make you want to use drugs again? Here, we will discuss some tips for avoiding relapse after rehab in an Continue Reading
  • High-Functioning Addicts: How to Recognize Them and How to Help - There is a thin veil of deception surrounding some addicts. In fact, they are so good at hiding the addictive behavior that they put themselves in danger. High-functioning addicts are individuals who are addicted to a substance but still maintain an outward appearance of normalcy. If no one knows the extent of the person’s addiction, it can go on until serious problems arise. But, anyone who is paying close attention and knows the signs can spot the deception and intervene before it’s too late. In Continue Reading
  • Athletes and Cocaine: Is It the Next Performance-Enhancer? - When we think of performance-enhancing drugs, cocaine is not usually the first drug that comes to mind.  But, some athletes use cocaine for just that purpose. The drug is well-known for its ability to increase energy levels, so it’s not surprising that athletes and cocaine use would become an issue. Several top-notch athletes have been suspended for using cocaine.  You might recognize some of them: Lawrence Taylor (NFL football) Darryl Strawberry (major league baseball) Martina Hingis (tennis player) Dwight Gooden (major league baseball) Although athletes Continue Reading
  • Couples in Recovery Together:  Can it Work? - Most of the time, only one person in a family needs addiction treatment.  But, it’s not uncommon for couples to be struggling with addiction problems simultaneously.  They often enable each other and fuel the substance abuse with dysfunctional dynamics in the relationship.  If both partners want to undergo treatment at the same time, it will be difficult, but it’s not impossible for couples in recovery together to succeed. Steps to Success for Couples in Recovery After a couple decides to enter treatment together, there a Continue Reading
  • Tips for Determining if It’s Depression or Just a Case of “the Blues” - Each of us has our good days and our bad days. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t go through these periods of highs and lows in our daily routine. But, for some people, these feelings persist to the point of interfering with normal daily functioning. When a person is unable to take control and continue being productive individuals, they are diagnosed with clinical depression.  But, when depression and addiction occur simultaneously, a special approach may be needed. Currently, in the US, ten percent of Continue Reading

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