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  • Hospice Drug Diversion: What You Should Know - Most of the addiction crisis in the nation today has to do with prescription drugs such as painkillers.  For instance, more than 21.0 million people over the age of 12 need substance use treatment, according to SAMHSA.  With the easy availability of prescription drugs comes a health crisis of unprecedented proportions today.  Amid this issue is the problem of hospice drug diversion. Today’s opioid epidemic has prompted a variety of prevention techniques that could save lives. Across the US, advocates work tirelessly to educate the… Continue Reading
  • What are the Roles of Diet and Exercise in Addiction Recovery - Diet and exercise in addiction recovery play essential roles. When a person is recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, they must adopt healthy habits to help them on this path. Chances are that while individuals are abusing drugs or alcohol they neglect eating healthy foods and never exercise at all. Most likely the only exercise they receive is going to meet someone to obtain drugs or to use drugs. A healthy diet is always at the bottom of their lists.  Why do We Need Diet… Continue Reading
  • A New Year and a New You: Saying Goodbye to Addiction - Did you spend Christmas Eve alone and depressed, drinking away your sorrow?  Is it looking like New Year’s Eve will be more of the same? The good news is you don’t have to spend next Christmas the same way.  Today is a perfect day to start your journey away from addiction and misery. Of course, saying goodbye to addiction won’t be easy.  You’ll need a lot of determination and a strong support team to help you through the tough times.  And, you'll need the right… Continue Reading
  • Spending the Holidays with Depression and Substance Abuse - The holidays can bring on a time of depression for some individuals. Many people have lost loved ones and feel very lonely during this time of year. Or, they might be estranged from their families. For whatever reason, if you are feeling depressed this holiday season, remember that depression and substance abuse are not a good combination. Trying to get rid of your loneliness or depression with substances of abuse will not help. Depression and Alcohol Abuse Self-medicating depression with alcohol (or any other substance)… Continue Reading
  • Signs That a Co-Worker is Abusing Substances - Substance abuse impacts every facet of a person’s life, including their job and co-workers. Other than lost productivity, when a co-worker is abusing substances, it puts each employee at risk of injury. When a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, accidents can happen whether in a production area, a warehouse, or in the office sitting at a desk. Symptoms That a Co-Worker is Abusing Substances There are symptoms and signs that you will notice if a co-worker is abusing substances. Chances are… Continue Reading
  • Should I Take Prescription Sleeping Pills for Insomnia? - Taking prescription sleeping pills for insomnia has become very controversial in our society today. Sleeping pills should only be taken on a short-term basis. They can be highly addictive and have dangerous side effects. Individuals who take sleeping pills for a prolonged period can very easily become dependent on them. They may not be able to fall asleep or stay asleep without them, even when they are taken as prescribed. Most sleeping pills are classified as "sedative hypnotics." Prescription Sleeping Pills for Insomnia May Not be… Continue Reading
  • Anxiety – Are You Self-Medicating with Alcohol? - Self-medicating with alcohol is never a good idea, whether it is anxiety or any other issue you may have. In the long run, it will only lead to more problems and even addiction. If you have anxiety attacks or get anxious in certain situations, you should see a physician or counselor about your condition. According to the Huffington Post, " Many people who suffer with undiagnosed depression or anxiety reach for alcohol or drugs to calm their nerves or relieve them of emotional pain. In other… Continue Reading
  • Surviving an Overdose Death in Your Family - In today’s society, many family members avoid talking about the death of a loved one. But what if it is an overdose death of a beloved family member? Do we avoid talking about it altogether and pretend it never happened? Or do we pretend the death was not from a drug overdose, but another physical problem? Until someone has lived through it, they don’t know the difficulties of surviving an overdose death in your family. Families Touched by Drug Addiction More families and friends are… Continue Reading
  • Many Americans May Be Addicted to Opiates - Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Today, a third of all Americans are obese and another one-third are overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This epidemic may be due to the way food products are designed. They are designed to create opiate-like addictions that act upon the brain in the same way morphine or heroin does. In 2003, Professor John Banzhaf drew parallels between food manufacturers’ practices and techniques used by cigarette companies to deny culpability for making tobacco more addictive. Banzhaf… Continue Reading
  • Can Buprenorphine Curb Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms? - Addiction to opioids is almost becoming common in the United States today. Furthermore, with the opioid epidemic our country has been going through for decades now, it seems people don’t think that much about someone with opioid addiction. That is unless the person with the addiction is either you or someone you love. The question is, can buprenorphine curb opioid withdrawal symptoms? Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms The fact is, overcoming opioid addiction is not easy. The hardest part of getting off of opioids is the withdrawal… Continue Reading

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