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  • Are You Using Alcohol as a Stress Reliever during COVID-19? - As COVID-19 continues with the nation slowly re-opening businesses and workplaces, the stress of it all seems to carry on. Individuals are understandably fearful of what the re-opening of our country may mean to us all. Is coronavirus going to surge again? Will I be safe if I return to my workplace with others who might possibly be carrying the virus? Will I still have a job when all of this is over? The questions in our minds just go on and on. It makes… Continue Reading
  • The Epidemic Within the Pandemic: Opioid Addiction - Long before anyone ever heard of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was the opioid epidemic that we have been fighting for years. Opioid addiction is not taking a break while we struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, many individuals who were receiving treatment such as methadone from a clinic aren’t eligible to take a 28-day supply of the methadone home to take under their own supervision. Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs Some of the opioid addiction treatment programs include medication-assisted treatment along with counseling. One of the… Continue Reading
  • COVID-19 Isolation and Avoiding Relapse - People who are in addiction recovery may face more issues during COVID-19 isolation. During this pandemic, everyone is feeling stressed, anxious, and fearful. However, for those in recovery, avoiding relapse during COVID-19 isolation can become a real battle. Trying to cope with this new way of life can become overwhelming for those individuals in recovery from addiction.  Daily activities such as attending support meetings, aftercare counseling, and sober activities such as going out for coffee, dinner, or a movie have been brought to an abrupt… Continue Reading
  • Should I Avoid Rehab During the Coronavirus Pandemic? - The rising concerns over COVID-19 have all of us wondering what is safe and what isn’t.  Social distancing is an unprecedented precaution taking place in our nation today. We’re told to avoid crowds and stay home if possible. These guidelines challenge our sense of togetherness and normalcy.  Many of us will miss dining out with friends, attending sports events, concerts, gyms, bars, and the zillion other crowded venues we love. We also wonder about the safety of necessary gatherings such as doctor visits, shopping for… Continue Reading
  • Should I ask My Doctor to Prescribe Ambien for Insomnia? - We have all been there. Sleepless nights spent tossing and turning and trying our best to go to sleep. Worry can cause insomnia, but sometimes we just simply cannot sleep for no apparent reason. But, do we just continue not to sleep well at night or do we ask our doctor to prescribe something for us? What about Ambien for insomnia? What is Ambien? Ambien (Zolpidem is the generic name) is known as a sedative-hypnotic. It works by slowing down the neurotransmitter, GABA. This slows… Continue Reading
  • Surviving a Drug Overdose: Is There a Downside? - We’ve always heard that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  In some cases, that adage holds true. For instance, when a person goes through a relationship breakup, they learn from the experience and move on.  Likewise, a close call with a health issue will make us reevaluate our diet and lifestyle choices. But, what can be learned by surviving a drug overdose?    In the United States today, overdoses are the leading cause of preventable deaths.  Opioids cause about 69% of these fatal overdoses.… Continue Reading
  • Hospice Drug Diversion: What You Should Know - Most of the addiction crisis in the nation today has to do with prescription drugs such as painkillers.  For instance, more than 21.0 million people over the age of 12 need substance use treatment, according to SAMHSA.  With the easy availability of prescription drugs comes a health crisis of unprecedented proportions today.  Amid this issue is the problem of hospice drug diversion. Today’s opioid epidemic has prompted a variety of prevention techniques that could save lives. Across the US, advocates work tirelessly to educate the… Continue Reading
  • What are the Roles of Diet and Exercise in Addiction Recovery - Diet and exercise in addiction recovery play essential roles. When a person is recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, they must adopt healthy habits to help them on this path. Chances are that while individuals are abusing drugs or alcohol they neglect eating healthy foods and never exercise at all. Most likely the only exercise they receive is going to meet someone to obtain drugs or to use drugs. A healthy diet is always at the bottom of their lists.  Why do We Need Diet… Continue Reading
  • A New Year and a New You: Saying Goodbye to Addiction - Did you spend Christmas Eve alone and depressed, drinking away your sorrow?  Is it looking like New Year’s Eve will be more of the same? The good news is you don’t have to spend next Christmas the same way.  Today is a perfect day to start your journey away from addiction and misery. Of course, saying goodbye to addiction won’t be easy.  You’ll need a lot of determination and a strong support team to help you through the tough times.  And, you'll need the right… Continue Reading
  • Spending the Holidays with Depression and Substance Abuse - The holidays can bring on a time of depression for some individuals. Many people have lost loved ones and feel very lonely during this time of year. Or, they might be estranged from their families. For whatever reason, if you are feeling depressed this holiday season, remember that depression and substance abuse are not a good combination. Trying to get rid of your loneliness or depression with substances of abuse will not help. Depression and Alcohol Abuse Self-medicating depression with alcohol (or any other substance)… Continue Reading

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