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Inpatient Treatment Program

30 Day Inpatient Treatment Program

A 30 day inpatient treatment program could help with overcoming addiction. No one disbelieves the fact that we have an epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction in this country today. Just a few weeks ago President Trump made mention of it in one of his State of the Union addresses. It truly is an Epidemic. Actually, the fact that it is an epidemic is old news because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labeled our country’s drug problem as an Epidemic in 2012. Since then the drug problem has actually gotten much worse than that, and there are rumors that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention might even go so far as to label the problem as a full on national emergency if we are not more careful with it.

This really does show us just how difficult and concerning this problem is getting, and it starts to put things into perspective for the true severity and concern that is addiction in the 21st-century. What we understand about addiction now is that this is a substance abuse problem that is only getting significantly worse with each passing year, and this is an issue that threatens to take over for a lot of people. If we are not able to address this problem soon, then it will most likely only get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Though we do not like to admit it, when we begin to closely examine and look at this country’s substance abuse problem, it does not take long to see that this is primarily an issue with man made substances that are already legal today. Actually, statistically speaking, drug and alcohol addiction is primarily a problem with alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs. This usually comes as a surprise because when most Americans think about addiction they either think about illegal street drugs or perhaps alcohol but usually illegal street drugs.

As the years march on and as more and more time passes since pharmaceutical drugs were made to be a mainstay for addressing health problems both physical and mental, we begin to see just how risky and problematic of an issue this is.  True enough, if the 21st century has shown us one thing about health and medicine, it is that pharmaceutical drugs are often a lot riskier than they are beneficial, especially when it comes to opiate prescription pain relievers and psychiatric medications.

What an Inpatient Treatment Program Addresses

In a lot of ways, when we are trying to effectively address drug and alcohol addiction and the various problems that go into it, it becomes apparent that an inpatient treatment program is going to be the key for effectively tackling it and really doing something about it.  In fact, a thirty day program is one of the shortest stays that we should be considering.  If possible, a longer approach would be more ideal.  An inpatient treatment program is necessary though because it is really only with an inpatient program that people are able to really find their peace of mind and their abstinence from even the most unpleasant of substance abuse issues and hardships and struggles.

When we take our time to address addiction, there is a much greater chance that recovery will actually be permanent, and that a person will not relapse if they go to an inpatient program.  The logic here is very simple to say the least.  This is to say that, when a person goes into rehab to address an addiction that they may have had for several years or even longer, how effective is just a couple weeks going to have on them?  Probably not that effective.  This is why a longer term approach is always much more ideal and much more workable and effective for people.

Generally speaking, it is considered that a minimum of thirty days should be utilized for a recovery approach.  Ideally more time than that should be engaged upon for a person to really be able to make a full recovery and a full turnaround from even the most difficult and the most unpleasant of substance abuse issues and hardships as they stand.  When people find their way into peace of mind and abstinence from substance abuse, they need to focus on keeping that recovery, and the longer they are able to stay in rehab and gain more tools and more strategies and more support the greater the odds are that they will be able to stay clean and sober for life.

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Inpatient drug rehab is the exact focus that is utilized at New Beginnings.  New Beginnings is able to offer a long term approach to their clients, often considerably longer than the standard twenty-eight day approach to addiction treatment that most centers offer.  For more information on New Beginnings and to take the first step towards a better and more healthy lifestyle, contact us today.

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