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Aetna, also called Aetna Navigation and which can be found at, is a world-recognized health insurance conglomerate.  This is a health insurance group that offers coverage options and a great deal of other types of coverage tools to ensure that their clientele receives the best health insurance coverage experience possible.  This is a health insurance group that offers very helpful and very effective recovery options for their clients by being able to offer coverage at many different treatment centers all across the country.  The Aetna health insurance approach is that they have a strong desire to provide coverage for as many different rehab centers as possible so their clients will be able to have a large degree of choice and selection in picking the treatment program that they want to attend rehab at.

Aetna, after drug and alcohol addiction increased so seriously and became such a huge problem, began to increase their coverage of addiction treatment centers all across the country.  This was done in an effort to help their customers to have access to treatment centers not only in their home town, but all across the country as well.  This also gave customers more opportunity and more ability to get the care that they so desperately needed and the assistance in addressing addiction that they so desperately needed.

Addiction Epidemic

The substance abuse epidemic of the 21st century with both drug addiction and alcohol addiction has necessitated a totally revolutionary change in how we address addiction in this country.  True enough, substance abuse issues, hardships, and struggles are all pretty grim and difficult in their own way, and are only getting worse and more harsh with each passing year too.  This is to a point where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labeled the problem as being an epidemic in 2012, and unfortunately the problem has only gotten more severe and more difficult since then.

Prior to the turn of the century, it is true that drug and alcohol addiction was a problem in the nation, but not on the order of magnitude that it is on today.  This is a situation of drastic concern and worry to say the least now.  Between 2001 and 2005, the American pharmaceutical industry increased the production and distribution of harmful pharmaceutical drugs into the hands of the American populace, and around that same time there was a tremendous increase in trafficking of illegal drugs into the country.  Furthermore, it was around this same time as well that alcohol abuse and addiction became exceedingly common and well accepted as well.  Truly, all of these factors met and came forward around the same time to make for a very difficult situation for the country.  Since then, though awareness of the problem has definitely increased, any action done to address it has sadly not been able to be tremendously effective in addressing it.

Without a doubt, the best method for addressing drug and alcohol addiction is with the help of an inpatient addiction treatment center, one of which offers residential, preferably long term recovery options for those who attend.  An addiction is a complex affliction with many different negative traits to it that all combine to create a very concerning problem to say the least, so it goes without saying that this issue is one that needs to be addressed with competence and correct thinking.  In fact, when the statistics on how difficult it is to achieve a recovery and a level of sobriety that is free of recidivism are examined, one begins to understand the importance of attending addiction treatment at a totally qualified and exceptionally effective recovery center and treatment program.

When people consider going to rehab for an addiction to drugs and alcohol, their first concern is always directly related to the cost connected to substance abuse and what exactly that entails.  As one can imagine, there can be some very extensive costs to be able to attend a residential stay at a professional treatment center for an extended period of time, and such individuals often, being in a position of addiction and usually having financial troubles on top of having personal addiction problems too, generally speaking cannot afford such services.  This is why being able to utilize health insurance coverage to help work with addiction treatment centers is so important.

Aetna and New Beginnings

Aetna is able to work closely with New Beginnings to offer extensive recovery options and workable treatment focuses for their clients.  For more information and to get started on a path to freedom and abstinence from addiction, reach out to New Beginnings today.  New Beginnings offers multiple treatment routes, and New Beginnings offers coverage options for their programs through Aetna too.  Call today to learn more and to take that first step towards a better life and a better recovery.

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