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There are several different categories of substances that individuals continue to abuse around the globe. It could be that a person uses some type of depressant like opioids or alcohol, or they may use stimulants for a medical condition or recreationally. There are a few different types of drugs that fall into the category of stimulants, and some of them are used within the medical realm, whereas others are only for the purpose of users getting high. One of the most frequently used types of stimulants within both the medical realm and recreationally is the use of amphetamines.

Of course, amphetamines is quite a broad category itself, as it can include a number of different substances. As a basic explanation, an amphetamine is a synthetic stimulant that stimulates or excites the central nervous system. This brings about effects like euphoria, confidence, increased energy, and more focus.

For instance, amphetamines are used in the form of medications like Adderall, which is prescribed to treat conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But adderall is also often used by individuals without a prescription for it. A large example of this is within colleges around the nation, where some students will buy adderall off of those with a prescription to use for staying up late or intensive studying. Amphetamines are also used with the medical realm to treat narcolepsy, which is a condition where a person falls asleep suddenly. Amphetamines have been used to treat a range of other conditions over the years as well, such as alcohol hangovers, weight loss, and sometimes even depression.

Amphetamines Addiction

There is also the commonly known illicit drug called methamphetamine, which is a different type of amphetamine. It is similar in chemical structure, but also much more potent than its counterpart. It is often used and abused for its powerful euphoric effect, but it is also highly addictive.

Of course, as with many other types of substances within our modern society, amphetamines can have a large potential to be abused. Like mentioned in the above example, many people abuse Adderall for its focus and energy inducing effects. There are also large amounts of methamphetamine abuse all around the country. The ways that people can abuse amphetamines are quite numerous. Some may simply take the pills, or they may crush them and then snort the resultant powder. And others may even take the powder of methamphetamine or amphetamines and dissolve it in water, and they will then inject this mixture. The latter method is used because it offers a way to get the substance to the brain and bloodstream more rapidly, bringing about a more intense high.

There are several signs of potential amphetamine abuse that people can look for if suspecting their loved ones of abusing these substances, such as:

  • Aggression
  • Mood Swings
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations (Auditory, Visual, or Tactile)
  • Digestive Upset
  • Insomnia
  • Suppressed Appetite
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Activity or Excitement
  • Prescriptions Not Lasting as Long as they Should
  • Loss of Interest in Previous Activities

There can be numerous dangers associated with the abuse of amphetamines. They can bring about large changes in the behavior of the brain. They act heavily on the pleasure receptors in the brain and can bring about such large changes in this area that it can become difficult for the body to feel pleasure without the use of the substance. Use can also bring about cardiovascular issues, such as stroke or heart attack.

When an individual has been using amphetamines for some time, they can develop a tolerance to them. This can result in them having to use larger amounts of the substance to experience the desired effects. Down the road, as their tolerance grows, it can reach a point of the person taking extremely large doses to get the effects they want. Amphetamines can be quite a hellacious drug to quit as well, as cravings can become quite strong, and some may feel depressed or suicidal when not using. It is best if these individuals seek treatment to overcome their addiction or physical dependency.

Finding Help with a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Struggling with an addiction to stimulants or other types of substances can be extremely difficult, but one can get past it. Through proper treatment, a person can get to the bottom of their addiction and eventually achieve sobriety. There are many different types of addiction treatment facilities and modalities that can help individuals to do this. With the large amount of options out there, it can sometimes be tough to know which one to choose, but this is where New Beginnings is here to help. Our advisors are knowledgeable and familiar with the various facilities and their offerings around the nation. We can explain the different options, as well as help find the best fit in a center for you or your loved one. Take the first step toward a long and sober life, and give New Beginnings a call today.

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