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Drug and alcohol addiction is an undisputed epidemic in the nation today. GHB, or gamma-hydroxybutyrate, is only one of many drugs that have increased in prevalence in this country. Statistically speaking, the problem with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction was in fact recorded and officiated as a full on Epidemic in 2012 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the CDC:

“Prior to the turn of the century, different decades have seen varying levels of drug and alcohol addiction problems here and there, many of which varied to some degree or another in severity or intensity. However, at no point in the history of the United States of America did the problem ever get so severe that it rose above the level of a ‘Crisis.’ Now, however, as of 2012, that has changed and the sheer rises and increases in drug and alcohol abuse across the boards cannot be turned a blind eye to. The problem with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the nation today has been increased to the level of being a full on ‘Epidemic,’ as this truly is a problem that we all need to start working to prevent.”

That was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statement in 2012 regarding drug and alcohol addiction, and its insistence to raise the threat levels of drug and alcohol addiction in the country to the level of being a full on epidemic, not just a crisis. Shortly after that, the President of the United States further confirmed the concerns of the CDC in his State of the Union Address. It was the rapidly increasing use of synthetic drugs like GHB, opiate pain relievers, crystal meth, and psychiatric drugs that prompted President Obama to make this Address.

The keynotes of that address were that:

  • In this statement, President Obama spoke of the top health and vitality concerns that the American people faced.  Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction ranked as the number one most concerning problem in the United States of America. This is true, as far as Americans’ health went, drug and alcohol addiction was, and is, the number one most concerning problem that is faced at this time. What just exacerbates the whole situation and makes the whole issue just that much more difficult to deal with is that this is also an issue that just keeps getting worse and worse too, (abuse of drugs like GHB and other similar synthetics constantly growing) and it would seem that it is also the fastest growing health problem in this country as well, which is even more concerning.

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate

Gamma hydroxybutyrate, (the GHB drug). What is GHB? GHB is a very specific drug but not a lot of people know what it is or that much about it, which is the won’t it would seem of the twenty-first century and of synthetic drugs. GHB is just one of many different drugs that have come on the scene in the last two decades that it would seem that not that many people actually know anything about, but still somehow has caused untold havoc and problems left and right in this country in just a few short years.

GHB is often better recognized by the term “The Date Rape Drug.” For some history about the drug, GHB first came on the scene really in the late 1990s. At that time, GHB abuse became very, very popular among teens and young adults at various dance clubs and at other settings like raves and Electronic Dance Music concerts in the 1990s. Fast forward a few years and GHB gained even more notoriety as a date rape drug when people figured out that the right dosage could render a person very, very impressionable.

Now though, people are realizing that they can abuse GHB and take it to get high if they want, whether they are at a rave or not. GHB, when consumed in the right amounts, can produce a euphoric high complete with a “trip” aspect to it. Now, not only is the drug still being used in raves and EDM concerts, but it is still being used as a date rape drug, and it is now being used as a drug of choice to be abused too as young adults are becoming addicted to it all across the entire nation.

Addressing GHB Addiction with Rehabilitation

Just as is the case with an addiction to anything else, the best way to beat an addiction to GHB is with the help of an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center and detox facility. Such treatment centers and recovery programs offer workable and effective solutions for getting people free from their cruel habits for life. It is these treatment solutions that are without a doubt the most effective and supportive of lasting sobriety in a person’s effort to beat GHB. For help with an addiction to GHB or if you know someone who suffers from such an addiction, call New Beginnings today.

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