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Group Therapy

Group Therapy and Drug Rehab

Almost everyone in our society has heard of the term “rehab.”  Rehab tends to be a bit of an umbrella term for many different types of treatment, like with group therapy, but the general connotation tends to refer to inpatient addiction rehab facilities.  This is where individuals will go and reside for weeks, months, or sometimes even years to attend treatment for their addiction.  This includes being in the facility within a group of others who are also there to do the same.

The concept of rehab has become what one could consider common knowledge at this point.  Due to popularization through mediums such as TV shows, celebrities, and movies, most are familiar with it on some level.  While these types of media can be entertainment for some, it also glosses over the real issue of addiction in a way.  Such as the fact that multitudes of real people are struggling with addiction and attending rehab every day in an attempt to overcome it.

Rehab allows individuals to reside in an environment that is safe, and conducive to their sobriety, including abstaining from drugs and alcohol for an extended period.  While in inpatient rehab, an individual is able to attend therapy, counseling, and use educational methods to help them address the different aspects of their struggle with addiction, and learn to live and thrive in a life without substances.  Another helpful factor that rehab provides is a structured routine, which includes schedules, certain responsibilities, and classes or exercises.  This helps the individual to get slowly back into the general progression of day to day life.

Group Therapy Within Treatment Facilities

Being that addiction has continued to be an issue within our society, there has been a multitude of different types of addiction treatment that have arisen.  Some have been around for many years, while others have been more recently implemented.  Some rehab centers have implemented many different types within their facility, while others only implement one, or a select few of them.

One type of addiction treatment commonly used is called group therapy, which has been around since about the 1940’s.  While there can technically be several different methodologies under this heading, for the sake of brevity the term group therapy encompasses them all.  A summation of group therapy would be where individuals struggling with addiction meet together to discuss stories, thoughts, experiences and emotions in regard to addiction.  The group therapy sessions will generally be led by a therapist or counselor that helps to choose topics and guide and direct the sessions for the best possible benefit.  This way, the leader can monitor the sessions and ensure that they are resulting in what they are supposed to.

Some assume that group therapy is the same as 12 step treatment.  While both are done in groups, they vary greatly in the way that they are done.  The 12 steps are followed individually, and the meetings are there for each member to discuss how they are progressing along them, and get any assistance needed.  Group therapy is adapted and guided in whichever direction is best for the group and individual benefit.  It has no specific steps that are followed, but rather has successful guidelines or topics that the group leader will use to help the sessions along.  12-Step is a completely different methodology in its own right and should not be confused with traditional group therapy.

The Benefits of Therapy

The backing and research behind the effectiveness of group therapy is actually quite tremendous.  According to Wikipedia, “Group therapy has been shown to be as or more effective than individual therapy for higher functioning adults. Clinical cases have shown that the combination of both individual and group therapy is most beneficial for such clients (known as the “multiplicative” effect).”  So whether by itself or in conjunction with individual therapy, group therapy has proven its value.

One large benefit of group therapy is that while an individual is sorting through their difficulties and helping others to sort through theirs as well, a strong bond and fellowship is developed among the group members.  This helps individuals to have a very stable support group within the treatment center, while also oftentimes developing friendships that last for years.

Finding Help for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

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