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LSD Addiction

LSD Addiction

As drug and alcohol abuse, even addictions like LSD addiction, get more and more concerning, there becomes an even greater need for gaining a more thorough and well rounded understanding of the exact factors and issues that relate directly to addiction.  Though kicking an addiction struggle does take some work to say the least, this is a better situation and solution for all involved if more awareness and education of addiction exists in the nation.

To try to help people to get some more information here and to try to learn some more about drug and alcohol addiction and the kinds of problems involved with it, consider the facts and statistics included on it below:

  • According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, also commonly known as the DEA, or country is experiencing trafficking of illegal substances into the nation like never before. The really unfortunate truth here is that substance abuse issues and problems are getting significantly more concerning and problematic with each passing year. The very unpleasant truth of the scenario is that more more people are becoming addicted to illegal narcotics which then increases the demand for the substances and the demand for getting these substances from foreign countries. According to the DEA, around 20,000 to 30,000 arrests are made at U.S. borders every single year, and quite literally thousands of tons of illegal narcotics are captured at U.S. borders every year. This is particularly upsetting because prior to the turn-of-the-century, the DEA had this problem relatively under wraps with very little trafficking and problems throughout. Now however the problem has grown significantly to the point where there is now more trafficking going on than ever before in recorded history.
  • According to the Drug Crime Prevention Unit, crime and substance abuse almost always goes hand-in-hand. The studies on this show that drug crime is almost always the situation with crime above a misdemeanor. In fact, more than half of all felonies are directly associated with drug substances or alcohol. Furthermore, about 65% of all arrests that are made that in some way involve a vehicle have to do with substance abuse. About 75% of all crimes that have to do with violence involved substance abuse. Last but not least, almost 90% of all crime that involves sexual assault or sexual abuse also has something to do with a substance. What this really shows us is that substance abuse and crime very often goes hand-in-hand, and if we could only address that substance abuse factor here, then we can also address the crime as well. If we could bring substance abuse down by a significant margin, then crime would also go down too.


LSD is a ruthless and a truly harmful substance, one of which went out of style for many years during the 1990s, but is now back and with a vengeance.  Now of course the major question is, “Is LSD addictive?”  And if so, “Is LSD addiction bad?”  Realistically, this seems to be the question that everyone is asking and this seems to be the question that is causing the most concern and the most worry and confusion for those who are taking and consuming substances and are getting addicted to substances left and right.

The simple answer regarding LSD is that, while the substance is not exactly addictive on a chemical or on a physical level, the substance is definitely addictive on a mental and on a psychological level truly.  What this does is it puts a lot of worry and concern into our hearts and minds regarding this substance, making for some very dangerous and some very concerning substance abuse crisis issues of the very worst kind.  Basically, LSD can cause some pretty terrible and some pretty brutal addictions on a mental and a psychological level, and this substance is very dangerous and very worrisome for people to say the least.

Getting Help for LSD Addiction

When people get hooked in on LSD addiction, they will need to effectively and stably address that addiction with the help of a treatment center and a rehabilitation program.  The truth with LSD addiction is that this is a substance that causes people to have very strong and very powerful trips and psychological issues and difficulties of the very worst kind.  When addiction to this substance kicks in and people get hooked on it, the best shot by far is with inpatient addiction treatment.  For more information on how to tackle LSD addiction, or any type of addiction, reach out to New Beginnings today.  Call today to take the first step towards getting free from addiction once and for all and for good and for learning the right path to freedom and abstinence from even the worst and most difficult of substance abuse issues and hardships for good.

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