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Salvia Addiction

Salvia Addiction

There is no question that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has been a gradually increasing and growing problem for some time now, with more and more people being hurt by various substance abuse issues and hardships.  Even abuse of organic substances is on the rise, like with Salvia addiction. One of the first things that must be addressed in this problem is the fact that the average American awareness of the problem is still relatively low.

For some quick data on the addiction crisis, consider the following:

  • As a drug and alcohol addiction gets worse and worse, our efforts to address it become more intensive and strong. This is to say that even though the problem is getting more damaging and more dangerous for all concerned, our attempts and our efforts that are being done to attempt to address are also getting more intensive. This is to say that there are more inpatient rehabilitation centers in this country now and there ever was before, and the number of them increased dramatically since the turn-of-the-century.
  • Studies from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows us that on average, about 350,000 people now go to addiction treatment centers every year. This is of course a huge number and that’s more than has ever gone to treatment centers before. Unfortunately, of the 350,000, only about 200,000 them are actually able to stay clean and sober from their addictions for life.
  • Because relapse is such a huge issue for people who are in recovery, when people are trying to get off of drugs and alcohol, this is a very difficult thing to do even if they have the help of a treatment center. Furthermore, although it is initially very good news that 200,000 people are able to kick addiction every single year and actually stay sober, almost double that become newly addicted to substances every year. This shows the severe and grim factor of addiction in the nation today, and just how bad this problem has really gotten. If we are not able to address it soon then it will of course only get worse.
  • According to the Drug Crime Prevention Unit, one of the areas of addiction that does not get looked all that often is the factor of drug and alcohol abuse and crime. According to the Drug Crime Prevention Unit, drug and alcohol abuse in crime go hand-in-hand, so much to the degree that a significant percentage of crime is committed to the country every year is actually some how deeply connected to substance abuse.
  • Studies show that 50% of all felonies and crimes above the level of a felony are directly related to substance abuse. More than 60% of all arrests made that involve a vehicle are directly related to substance abuse. Almost 70% of all crimes that involve violence have to do a substance abuse.
  • Almost 90% of all crimes having to do with sexual abuse or sexual assault have something to do with substance abuse. It really starts to put the problems into perspective and it begins to show us just how risky and difficult substance abuse has been getting in relation to crime. Overall, if we could only address the substance abuse part of American society, then the crime statistics would definitely go down significantly. This needs to be now the main approach here, because consciously only trying to handle the crime aspect of it is never really tackles the problem source.

In this day and age, there are dozens if not hundreds of different kinds of drug substances that can be abused by those who are interested in substance abuse in some way.  Salvia addiction and abuse and Salvia as a substance is one such substance that has been getting quite terrible very quickly and which has been causing a lot of fear and concern and worry and difficulty for those who experience it.  But what is Salvia?

Salvia is a hallucinogenic, organic drug that comes from a cactus plant found in Mexico and some parts of Central and South America.  Though the drug is organic and comes from a plant, that does not mean that it is not dangerous.  Heroin technically comes from a plant too.  Salvia may not create the kinds of chemical dependency issues that other narcotic drugs tend to create, but it is still very addictive at least in the nature of it being mentally addictive for people.  When people get hooked in on this drug, they get addicted to the mental and the psychological aspects of the substance, and they end up getting hooked in on the mental and spiritual effects that it has.  For more information on how to beat a Salvia addiction, contact New Beginnings today to take the first step towards creating a better life after Salvia addiction.

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