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Different types of problems and different types of difficulties have come and gone in this country, and some have stayed longer than others, like heroin. An example of a problem that we just can’t seem to get rid of at this time is the problem of drug and alcohol addiction and all that goes into the crisis factors that drug and alcohol addiction present. Drug and alcohol addiction is a steadily rising problem that, in the 21st century at least, has caused without a doubt the greatest health risk that the United States of America has faced this century.

When all of the different drug and alcohol addiction problems are looked at, addressed, and effectively broken down, the single most concerning problem is with opiates. That is the simple truth of the matter. When it comes to drug abuse and drug addiction, opiates rule the addiction world in this country, and there is just no getting around that factor.

Drug and alcohol addiction, one and the same, is just a very concerning problem that has a lot of people worried, but opiate addiction specifically hits the top of all of the charts in overall fear and concern statistically speaking.

Let’s take a look at some of these statistics:

  • Opiates have more people hooked than those who are addicted to all other substances in this country combined. For example, studies show that there are about eight million Americans who are addicted to drugs in this country. There are also about another six million Americans who are addicted to both drugs and alcohol and a good ten million who are addicted to alcohol. Of the eight million drug addicts, more than half of them are addicted to opiates. Of the six million who abuse both drugs and alcohol, almost all of them abuse opiates and alcohol, since the two apparently go so well together for substance abusers.
  • Opiates cause more deaths than all other substances combined too. For example, every year about thirty thousand to fifty thousand Americans die from drug abuse and drug addiction. Except for the occasional overdose or accidental death from cocaine or meth or the occasional suicide from benzodiazepines or psychiatric drugs, the vast majority of deaths from drug use come about from the recreational use and abuse of opiates.
  • Opiates are also now a serious problem for the nation’s youth, which is very, very concerning to say the least. When this problem is really looked at and addressed effectively, we can see that this is probably the most concerning factor of addiction when it comes to opiates, i.e. the young adults who become addicted to opiates. The truth on this is that studies show that opiate pain reliever pills are now becoming the number one gateway drug for youngsters. People between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four are now just as likely to try opiate pills as their first ever experience with abusing substances as they are to try abusing marijuana as their first ever substance of choice.
  • Heroin abuse is also making a huge comeback. In 1999, statistically speaking, there were only about ninety thousand heroin addicts in the United States. The problem was all but eradicated. Then, following the more than three hundred percent increase in the production and distribution of opiate pain drugs by American pharmaceutical companies between the years of 2001 and 2005, heroin addiction skyrocketed. Now some studies show that there are close to two million heroin abusers in this country.

Heroin Addiction Withdrawal

Heroin is one of the fastest growing drug problems in this country. Heroin withdrawal is brutal, and heroin addiction is not something that should be wished on anyone. This is the truth of the matter and the big problem that this country currently faces when all of the cards are on the table. Between alcohol addiction and opiate addiction, that is about ninety percent of this entire country’s addiction problem right there, and heroin addiction is one of the biggest issues.

The saving grace here is that heroin addiction can and should be totally gotten rid of with the right rehabilitation approach. This approach can and should be found at treatment centers which are the only places that can provide the right recovery methods to help people go free from opiate addiction once and for all and for good. Inpatient treatment centers are the only programs that are able to offer effective enough of services to truly help people find their path to freedom from drug and alcohol addiction and the types of problems and crisis issues that come about from drug and alcohol addiction.

New Beginnings is able to help people find freedom and abstinence from opiate addiction. With the services offered at New Beginnings, struggling addicts can finally go free. Call today for more information and to take the first step on the road to recovery.

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