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Morphine Addiction

Morphine Addiction

Morphine addiction is definitely a bad situation to be in to say the least, and the more people who fall on hard times with this issue are the proof as to just how tough and how brutal this substance abuse issue and problem really is in this country right now.  The very difficult and the very unpleasant situation here with substance abuse is that these kinds of issues and problems just seem to be getting worse and worse, and not just with young people.  Morphine addiction symptoms have been cropping up all across the country as more and more people are getting hooked on these substances left and right.  As it stands right now, addiction to morphine is at its worst ever in this country, and the grim and dismal fact of the matter with addiction to this substance is that it is very difficult to kick an addiction to morphine because of how strong the addictions are that this drug creates.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

According to the Trust for America’s Health, the biggest problem that we have to struggle with when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction in the country today is directly connected to prescription drug abuse. Unfortunately, the prescription drug abuse has all but taken over in this nation and is causing huge problems for everyone who is affected by it. Prescription drug abuse absolutely skyrocketed beginning in the turn-of-the-century and has subsequently gone up considerably since then. It just seems that as each year goes by, prescription drug abuse get significantly more concerning and problematic. Year after year, this is an issue that gets steadily more problematic and difficult for all who are affected by it.

Case in point, of the 8 million people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in this country, it is also thought that about 6 million of them are addicted to prescription drugs. Furthermore, there are another 4 million who are addicted to a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. What we can see here is that in a pretty big way prescription drug abuse is the biggest addiction problem and crisis when it comes to addiction except for alcohol.

Furthermore, prescription drug abuse is also very deadly. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show us that on average about 40,000 people die because of drug abuse every year, and on average about 30,000 to 35,000 of those deaths are from prescription drug abuse. Truly, this is an issue of pretty severe concern to say the least. If we are not able to address all of these deaths and all of these problems with prescription drug abuse then this issue will only continue to grow and get worse and worse.

One of the most serious and most concerning factors having to do with drug and alcohol addiction is with young people abusing substances. True enough, young adult substance abuse is without a doubt one of the most problematic issues that we face in this country when it comes to substance abuse, and young adult substance abuse just seems to be getting worse.

The most significant indicator of it getting worse is the fact that people are abusing drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages. The situation here is that, in 1997 for example the average first age of abuse for drugs and alcohol was 22. Now however, in 2017, the average age of a person when they first abuse drugs and alcohol is closer to 16. Now, this difference of just a few years may not seem like a lot, but the fact of the matter is that it does make a big difference.

When people abuse drugs and alcohol at a very, very young age that poses a significant risk to their brain development and to the development of their cognitive thinking skills. Furthermore, substance abuse at a younger age poses a greater risk of causing permanent brain damage than substance abuse at older ages does.

Help for Morphine Addiction and Substance Abuse

When we look at the facts and the statistics from the above issues, it becomes very easy to see that young people tend to gravitate towards opiates more so than any other substances, and the father of all opiates is of course morphine.

As addiction to these types of substances gets more and more concerning and more and more difficult with each passing year, the need for effective, stable and lasting recovery options for morphine addiction is on the rise.  Thankfully, though addiction to this substance one and the same is getting more and more difficult to say the least, there has never been as many different ways for addressing addiction to these substances either.  With rehab programs like New Beginnings, anyone who is addicted can finally find their peace of mind and their abstinence from even the toughest and the most unpleasant of addiction issues once and for all and for good.  For more information on morphine addiction or addiction treatment programs, call New Beginnings today.

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