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Percocet Addiction Treatment

Percocet Addiction Treatment

Opioids have continued to be one of the largest addiction epidemics that faces our modern society. Every single day more people are prescribed opioid medications, as well as falling into addiction to them. Prescription rates have skyrocketed through the years, and this has, of course, led to an increase in the rates of addiction. There are a number of different opioids that individuals abuse, but one of the largest is Percocet. The need for professional Percocet addiction treatment has been on the rise lately.

What is Percocet?

Percocet is a pain medication that is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. It is used to treat moderate to somewhat severe pain, as is the purpose for many different opioids. Percocet is listed as having a high risk for dependence, and it can also be extremely dangerous or deadly when used in high doses or in combination with alcohol. It can be legally prescribed, which is why it is often hard for some to understand how addictive or dangerous that it can be. Some may continue to abuse their medication and yet feel that they do not have a problem purely because it is prescribed to them. It can easily lead to the point of addiction and dependence. Maybe the pain the person is suffering from is a bit more severe one day, and so they take a few more pills than usual. The next day, they do not see the harm in doing the same thing again, and it can rapidly escalate from there. Before the person knows it, they are constantly craving more and taking larger amounts than ever. With physical dependence, they will also begin to suffer withdrawal symptoms when not using the medication.

Addressing Percocet Addiction

Of course, Percocet addiction and dependence can become quite severe, and it often requires that the person receives addiction treatment to be able to overcome it. There can be several different steps and options to Percocet addiction treatment.

These Percocet addiction treatment steps may include:


First off, it is likely that someone struggling with Percocet addiction and dependence will need to detox off of the medication. As mentioned above, Percocet and opioids, in general, can bring about an extremely severe physical dependency. When the person is not using the substance, their body can begin to go through acute withdrawal, which can be quite painful and uncomfortable. The difficulty of a person’s detox and withdrawal can be influenced by a number of factors, such as length and amount of use. Detox is the process of allowing the body to expel the substances from its system and readjust to functioning without them. It can be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis, but inpatient is highly recommended. Realistically, withdrawal and detox can be dangerous when done improperly. It is ideal that the person is in a center where they can receive wean down medications, and be constantly monitored in case any complications arise.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment:

Once detox is completed, the individual should then attend a full treatment program. This is where they begin to address the mental and emotional factors of their addiction. There can be many different difficulties and issues that underlie addiction, and these need to be addressed as part of treatment. When not handled, they can often be contributive to relapse down the road.

There are basically two forms of addiction treatment:

Inpatient treatment is when the individual will actually go live at a rehab facility, typically for around 30-90 days. This tends to be a more successful form of treatment for several different reasons. A major reason is that it provides the individual a safe and comfortable environment that is much more conducive to their treatment and recovery. An individual’s day to day environment can leave them surrounded by temptation, substances, and triggers, all of which can be detrimental to sobriety if the person does not know how to properly handle them.

Outpatient is when the person will remain in their normal environment while attending treatment appointments. The time of these appointments could vary depending on the facility and the person’s case of addiction. They could be every day, every week, or several times a week. While it can sound much more appealing to stay at home while one receives treatment, there can be several downsides to this. For one, it leaves the individual open to the triggers, temptation, and substances that could be in their normal environment, which can be difficult to deal with while receiving treatment. It also offers them a much easier opportunity to relapse when things get hard.

Finding Percocet Addiction Treatment

It can be difficult to overcome Percocet addiction, but it is possible. Through comprehensive Percocet addiction treatment, an individual can break free of hellacious substances and live a long and sober life. New Beginnings is here to help find the perfect fit in a center for you or your loved one.

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