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The Fear of Loneliness in Addiction Rehab

A person struggling with an addiction can face a vast variety of difficulties and problems.  When attempting to quit the substance, a whole other set of issues can arise as well.  One of these that can be an obstacle to overcome is the fear of loneliness that people can experience in addiction rehab and recovery.

Since addiction can affect all facets of life, a person’s relationships can be severely damaged by it.  It could be that they have grown estranged with their friends and family due to their drug or alcohol use.  So when they do decide to seek help, it can feel like they have nobody in their corner backing or helping them.  In fact, to some, it may seem like the whole world is against them.  The reality is that this is not the case, and there are many out there that can help a person along their recovery track.

Inpatient treatment is one of the most highly effective ways to treat addiction.  While an individual can feel completely alone when they enter a treatment center, this is not entirely true.  A quality treatment center is going to contain compassionate staff members working to assist the person at every turn.  There are also many others attending the addiction rehab who are dealing with similar difficulties.  When going through treatment with other individuals who share a similar struggle, very strong camaraderie can be developed.  Between support groups and group therapy sessions that can be attended, a strong bond can be developed with fellow recovery mates.  These types of groups provide a safe environment for a person to be able to discuss their worries and difficulties and be helped to sort through them, as well as sometimes helping others to do the same.  And at some treatment centers, there can be weekend outings where friendships and bonds can be further developed, and this can be extremely beneficial to recovery.

Maintaining Recovery Post Treatment

While these types of bonds can be developed within a treatment center, some worry about loneliness and isolation once released from treatment.  But this is another point where a person is not necessarily alone as long as they attended a quality treatment center.  A good treatment center will employ an aftercare program which will continue to check in with the individual to ensure they are progressing, and this gives them a point of help with any difficulties.  There is also the factor of attending local recovery meetings to build a fellowship with the local recovery community.  They could also attend outpatient treatment with a therapist or counselor which can assist them to work through any further difficulties.

There is also the factor of repairing relationships once sobriety is achieved.  As stated earlier, a person’s relationships can be damaged in the course of addiction, but treatment can help them to realize many things to help repair these relationships with loved ones.  Some loved ones may even see what they have accomplished and consider the prior events as water under the bridge, so long as recovery is maintained, though this is not always the case.  Some treatment centers will even offer family therapy, in which sessions over the phone or in person help to repair the family bonds that have been stressed and tested through the course of the addiction.  It allows families to forgive and begin to rebuild the strong ties that were once there.

In closing, the reality is that while it can feel like you are completely alone in the world when it comes to your addiction; there are people and centers out there willing to help.  Addiction can be overcome, and relationships can be rebuilt and repaired.  Never be afraid to reach for help because of the feeling of loneliness.  There are others who have felt the same way, and it can be a quick realization that you are not alone in your struggle.  The first step is to make the decision to get clean, and then attend a treatment center where you can be guided and assisted through overcoming your addiction.

Do Not Be Afraid to Seek Addiction Rehab

While it can be frightening to take the first steps toward overcoming addiction, it is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  There may be a lot to confront, but you can come out on the other side victorious. Our advisors can help you find the right fit in a addiction rehab and treatment center, as they are experienced and knowledgeable in the treatment types and facilities across the nation.  Take the first steps toward your sobriety, and give us a call today.

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