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Addiction Recovery

Trauma in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery can be full of difficulties and hardships that have to be worked through and overcome.  And addiction can arise from a variety of different causes and underlying issues.  People often develop an addiction because they reach for drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with some great hardship in their life.  This is often the case with people who go through and are dealing with a trauma of some magnitude.  This could include a car accident, sexual or physical abuse, rape, military combat, or domestic violence.  The unfortunate reality is that trauma and addiction can often go together.

While an experienced trauma can be worked through and fade within months for many people, this is not the case for everyone.  Some are continuously affected by it and perpetually struggle with it for years, which can cause them to reach for substances.  In most cases, the trauma precedes the addiction, but addiction can also bring about trauma as well.  Such as physical or sexual abuse while under the influence, intoxicated driving leading to a crash, or an overdose bringing them near death.  Whatever the case may be for a person, both sides of the struggle need to be addressed for an individual to live a long, sober, and happy life.

Trauma can be a bit of an untouched subject in many cases.  Most of the time, the immediate surface addiction is solely addressed, and the individual is told that they just need to focus on getting clean and sober.  Trauma is looked at as a difficult subject to address and is often left untouched out of worry that it could lead to further substance abuse.  The reality is that trauma treatment can be a very involved activity, as it often involves the complete narrative of the incident.  While this is often a valuable treatment to help relieve the trauma, it can oftentimes be too taxing and painful for people also struggling with an addiction.

Treatments for Trauma and Drug or Alcohol Addiction

There are ways to help the individuals who are struggling with both addiction and trauma.  One of such is Seeking Safety, which is an evidence-based treatment designed for the purpose of treating both. The website of Seeking Safety states, “It can be conducted in a group (any size) and/or individual modality. It is an extremely safe model as it directly addresses both trauma and addiction, but without requiring clients to delve into the trauma narrative (the detailed account of disturbing trauma memories), thus making it relevant to a very broad range of clients and easy to implement.

Seeking Safety is a present-focused counseling model, meaning it stays in the present and does not require the individual to look to the past where their trauma occurred.  It focuses on teaching a range of coping skills that apply to both addiction and trauma.  These can help the person to cope with and address their struggles, as well as boost motivation, and begin to help the person see and understand connections between their addiction and trauma.  It encompasses 25 topics, each of which is safe coping skills, and they can help to address a broad range of things.  Topics include Discovery, Recovery Thinking, Taking Good Care of Yourself, Asking for Help, Coping with Triggers, and Life Choices.

Seeking Safety provides a method to treat both addiction and trauma that is also safe for client, clinician, and program.  It allows the client and clinician to approach both the issues without getting into them too fast and creating difficulties.  The major concern with these dually affected individuals is the potential that they may harm themselves or others, or that increased substance use will come about.  Seeking Safety has been shown to be an effective method to approach the situation with compassion and practicality for both parties.

When You or Your Loved One Are Seeking Addiction Recovery

When a person decides to seek help with an addiction, it is important for them to get treatment as soon as possible.  Addiction can progress very quickly and can lead to disastrous consequences.  There is a multitude of addiction recovery centers out there that can help an individual to overcome their addiction.  The massive numbers of them can make if difficult sometimes to know which one to choose.  We are here to assist with that.  Our advisors can help you or your loved one to find the treatment center that fits the criteria being searched for.  They can also help to inform you about the different choices that are out there.  Give us a call today, and let us help find the perfect private inpatient addiction recovery center for you or your loved one.

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