Maintaining Sobriety

It should never be said that maintaining sobriety is easy, but doing it in the comfort and familiarity of your own home indeed takes away many outside pressures. You have complete control of your environment and the people around you, so it’s easy to execute your daily routine and focus on maintaining sobriety. When you’re away from home, however, it can be even more difficult to battle your demons.

That doesn’t mean your disease has to win!

This guide will teach you how to go on vacations, business trips, and family functions without compromising your recovery. With the right preparation, tools, and state of mind, you can have even better trips away while still maintaining sobriety.

Ways of Maintaining Sobriety While Having Fun


The advantage you have with vacations is that for the most part, you’ll get to plan everything. Start by choosing your destination wisely and consider trying something new. If you usually visit big cities to explore the hot spots, try something more low-key like a secluded bed and breakfast with your partner or a cabin in the mountains where you and your family can hike, make campfires, and unplug.

Similarly, you’ll need to be selective about the company you keep while traveling. If you’re going away with friends or extended family, communicate openly with them ahead of time that you’ll need to take measures to keep your sobriety on track. It doesn’t necessarily mean planning completely separate activities or that your friends can’t drink around you at all, but you do need to be sure they won’t attempt to talk you into situations that could put your recovery at risk. If you’re going away with a partner, discuss boundaries and expectations ahead of time, especially if it’s your first trip together or your first trip sober.

Plan out your days as much as you can to keep your mind occupied. Try local cuisine, visit a museum, or get back to nature by checking out a local, national park. Again, consider breaking out of your comfort zone to try something new.   You might initially feel a void from not being able to “let loose” on vacation the way you did before sobriety, but don’t let yourself be bogged down by the idea that drinking or using drugs is the only way to enjoy a vacation thoroughly. Embrace the opportunity to not only try new things but to do so knowing you’ll have a clear memory of it later.

An excellent way to find sober-friendly activities in your destination is to reach out to your sober network. Ask around at meetings if anyone has been where you’re going and has insight, or ask your sponsor if he or she has any contacts in the area. Not only is it a great way to find out about local meetings and programs, it could help to have a personal ally to reach out to if needed. Even if you don’t end up needing to seek outside support while you’re away, it doesn’t hurt to have the knowledge on-hand. And if you do end up needing to stop by a maintaining sobriety meeting, don’t kick yourself for it or let it ruin your day. Do what you need to in order to keep your sobriety on track, then devote the rest of your day to enjoying your vacation. Never feel guilty about taking care of your new, clean life; you worked incredibly hard to attain it, so don’t let it slip away!

Sobriety It’s important to plan for situations that could put your recovery at risk. Talk to your partner about exit strategies for things like dinners that evolve into late-night drinking. You could even be strategic with your planning and arrange activities for each morning of your trip. You’ll get more out of your visit, be less tempted to stay out late partying, and you can give any loved ones you meet with the heads-up that you have an early day ahead of you. Just be sure you don’t overload yourself or your family with too much to do — sometimes the best vacation days are the lazy ones, so give yourselves time for plenty of R ’n’ R.

Finally, make sure you have easy access to supportive resources — it could be as simple as bookmarking your favorite sobriety blog and keeping your phone handy on the trip. If you’re particularly worried about the trip, make these mini resources part of your daily plan. Start each morning by reading inspirational quotes or commit to reading a chapter from a book on recovery each night before sleeping. With resources at your fingertips and information about nearby meetings already prepared, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation knowing you’ve got what you need to keep your sobriety intact.

Business Trips

Business trips can be especially tricky because you may not get a lot of say in the planning. The key is to keep it as focused on business as possible and make good use of your free time.

If you get to choose your hotel, try to find a quieter part of town away from local nightlife and temptation. A quiet hotel will make it easy to settle in, get some rest, and get prepared for a productive day at work. If your room includes a minibar, call ahead and ask for all alcohol to be removed before your arrival. Keep in mind that these colleagues don’t see you on a day-to-day basis, so making a positive impression is essential. If you show up still tired (or worsehungover) from the night before, it could have a significant impact on your professional reputation. Remembering that fact can help keep you on your toes!

One major positive point of a business trip is that while some of your coworkers may be tempted to cut loose, they probably won’t judge you for lying low and will respect your desire to keep the trip business-oriented. Let them know this early on, but don’t let it deter you from socializing with them if you don’t think it will threaten your recovery. Business trips can be an excellent way to strengthen relationships with co-workers and build your professional network, so don’t skip any valuable opportunities. If you don’t think you’re ready to be around that kind of situation just yet, you can always let your colleagues know that you require a significant amount of downtime to be effective for your presentation or meeting. Few will object to guaranteeing success at work!

Sober LifeIf you’re staying for an extended period and will have significant downtime, find a good balance of activities to keep busy and rested enough to keep you sharp. Although you want to keep your mind engaged, it’s also important to not overload yourself. Continue going to meetings as you would at home, and keep in close touch with your sponsor. You can even get a video call on your laptop or smartphone if you prefer personalized counseling. Download a few recovery podcasts or add a few books on addiction to your tablet to listen to any time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed; starting your day with positive words reaffirming your commitment to maintaining sobriety is always an excellent way to start a business day!

If your agenda includes business lunches, dinners, or drinks, decide in advance how to handle it. Talk to your sponsor and recovery allies about strategies to make the best impression on clients without putting them off by not drinking. If your boss is aware of your status or you’re comfortable confiding, consult him or her on how to handle it. You may even be able to arrange it, so you meet with clients who are also soberyou don’t have to disclose your recovery, but it could make the client more comfortable to be with someone who also isn’t drinking.

Although there are many jobs where it may seem like drinking is all but a requirement, don’t let yourself fall victim to this false thinking. In fact, some have found excellent business success after finding sobriety, so don’t give up on your recovery!

Family Functions for Maintaining Sobriety

Family gatherings are a fantastic way to reconnect with your kin, but they often come with excessive drinking. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, reunion, or holiday, you’ll need to take steps to prepare yourself for fun, but alcohol-free, time.

If your family is aware of your recovery, talk to them ahead of time about your priorities. Let them know you’re still planning to socialize and participate in planned activities, but alcohol just can’t be a part of the equation for you. Don’t be afraid to skip events or parts of events in the interest of avoiding temptation. For example, if you’re going to a football game and everyone is planning on tailgating beforehand, you may want to skip the tailgate and meet everyone inside at game time. Giving the heads-up ahead of time will let your family know what to expect so they aren’t caught off-guard later; it will make them less likely to pressure you into risky situations, and it could even inspire a few to take the sober route with you.

Drug FreeIf much of your family isn’t aware of your recovery, create a sobriety game plan with your partner. If you’re traveling alone, consider confiding in a sibling or cousin you trust. Though you’ll undoubtedly want to continue going to meetings during your time away, it can help to have someone by your side who knows your situation and can be a regular support system. Stick with your confidante as much as possible, and limit time around any family members that tend to create drama or conflict. Rehearse responses to why you aren’t drinking, so you sound more confident at the moment, and have your confidante back you up when possible. If you do find yourself in a heated or frustrating situation, separate yourself from it and go for a relaxing walk or take a little time to listen to music away from the fuss.

Disappointed you’ll be missing out on your aunt’s famous (spiked) eggnog this year? Look up recipes and buy supplies to make your non-alcoholic cocktails. Sometimes just having a fun drink in your hand can ease the sting of not drinking, especially when it’s a drink everyone can enjoy. You may even earn some brownie points with the kids — they’ll be able to drink your mocktail, too!

You’ll also want to consider any overnight arrangements. If you usually stayed with your younger cousin during your party days, opt for a hotel or an older family member’s home instead. If you can swing it, staying in a house with children can be an excellent way to keep you on the straight and narrow path since you won’t want to be a negative influence. Plus, alcohol will be held more out of sight and reach so that the temptation is reduced considerably.

Benefits of Maintaining Sobriety Away From Home

The great news is that while it may take some adjustment, ultimately, your vacations, business trips, and family functions will be much more enjoyable now that you’re maintaining sobriety. When the thoughts that you’re “missing out” creep in, remind yourself of what you’re missing out on as questionable decisions.  You may or may not remember physical damage to your body, and killer hangovers. In the light of recovery, you’re now equipped to build lifelong memories, start your days earlier to make the most of your time (instead of staying in bed miserable over the previous night), and make valuable business contacts with a clear head. There’s no downside to maintaining sobriety during travel!

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