Sober Learning Environments

The epidemic of addiction is one which has continued to spread far and wide across our nation.  It continues to affect millions of people every single day, and it grabs those of all ages, nationalities, and other demographics.  There are large numbers of those struggling with addiction who are still school as well.  Handling those addicted within schools has been the main point of concentration for many years, because as the old adage says “the children are our future.”  There have been many different methods employed in attempts to handle this situation, and one such method is sober learning environments.

Providing Safe Sober Learning Environments

Sober learning environments are where kids and young adults can go to continue their education, all while in an environment that is conducive to their sobriety.  It is a place that they can focus on their academics without having the temptation of drugs or alcohol to take them off course.  Recovery is also incorporated into the everyday lesson plan too.  These types of environments will also include coping skills that assist them to work through difficulties and issues in their life without taking refuge in drugs or alcohol.

These types of sober living environments are currently not very prominent in many areas, but that should be changed.  Such environments can act as extremely effective ways to get younger individuals who have struggled with addiction to continue their education, as well as to help them cope with their addictions.  These sober learning environments have actually been shown to be quite successful in helping such kids.  According to an article from NBC12 in regard to a sober learning environment in Virginia, “Last spring, all attending students saw their grades improve, had no new criminal charges, and four seniors graduated.

The reality is that drugs and alcohol can be extremely prominent within schools, often more than most think.  There can be a multitude of students who use in secret, or after hours, and who even potentially distribute them within the school.  For those who have struggled with addiction in the past and who are now looking to remain sober, being in this environment can potentially be quite counterproductive for them.  With sober learning environments, though, they can continue to concentrate on their studies without those around them using or offering substances to them, as well as benefit being in these classes with others who are looking to do the same.  A great camaraderie and fellowship can develop among these students in recovery and they can help to encourage each other in their studies and in their sobriety.  When it comes to adults that attend treatment for their addiction, they are often encouraged not to return to particularly troublesome environments or associate with people that could be dangerous to their sobriety.  Sober learning environments can help students to do exactly that by providing an environment that is set away from potential triggers or temptations.

Are You or A Loved One Struggling With A Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

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