Female Opioid Addicts

Struggling with an addiction can be a difficult situation for any individual to be in, but there are also those that it could potentially be harder on.  One of the largest addiction epidemics that is spreading throughout the nation is the opiate epidemic.  There are millions all over the nation that have continued to struggle with these drugs, and while it is difficult for everyone, one demographic that is struggling, in particular, is women. Female opioid addicts seem to struggle the worst when it comes to getting proper treatment.

The reality is that women have a large amount of difficulty in various areas when it comes to addiction.  First off, the overdose death rates of women are higher than men.  There is also the way that the drugs affect them, as they are impacted much more heavily.  Women can get addicted much faster to these drugs than men, and because of physical aspects, they tend to withdraw more heavily.  They also tend to be more prone to overdoses than men.  Overall, physiologically, women can be affected in a broad number of ways more heavily than men are.

The Stigma of Addiction

Then there are societal factors that they face when it comes to seeking treatment for their addiction.  There tends to be an extreme stigma in our society when it comes to pregnant women or mothers being addicts, as it is seen as wrong and a crime against their children.   And while of course, it is sad to see a child or unborn child being subjected to the conditions of addiction, the reality is that these women need help, not scorn or criticism.  Punishment and reprove often do nothing for a person struggling with addiction, as they need help and treatment to be able to overcome it.  This creates another larger issue where women are afraid to seek help for their addiction out of fear of justice action or criticism against them, or fear of getting their children taken away.  This often worsens the situation purely because then the addiction continues, and often times worsens, which puts the child in further danger.

Many individuals can fall into addiction due partly to past traumas that they had experienced, and a large one is sexual trauma for women.  The occurrences of this and other trauma are far too common and seen every single day.  For instance, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are as many as 80 percent of women that enter drug abuse treatment that have been subject to physical or sexual assault.  There are often deep-seated difficulties and experiences that need to be thoroughly addressed for the women to be able to finally move on past their addiction and that experience.

Finding the Ideal Treatment Center for Female Opioid Addicts

As mentioned above, it can be difficult for anyone to struggle with addiction, and even more so for women like with female opioid addicts.  In reality, it can be a very difficult situation to attempt to overcome it by oneself, which is why treatment is often required to defeat it.  Fortunately, there are many treatment centers all over the country that can help a person to overcome their addiction. Although this large number can make it tough to know which one to choose, our organization is here to help with that.  Our staff members are familiar with the different types of treatment facilities as well as the various treatment modalities across the country and can help find the ideal fit in a center for you or your loved one.  Do not wait, take the first steps toward a whole new life and give us a call today. Taking the first step can help prevent female opioid addicts from overdosing and causing harm to their loved ones.

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