Curb Addiction

The haste with which the epidemic of addiction has been spreading has brought our population to develop many different ways to battle addiction.  The more our society and technology continue to evolve, the more it allows us to come up with new ways to handle the substance abuse issues.  With the advent of smart wearable technology, a possible new way to curb addiction has come about.

Several different research and tech firms have been developing ways to use smart wearables, such as watches, as a way to battle addiction.  Since treatment can work for some but not for others, this may be the solution that could help some people to overcome their addiction.

How Can Smart Wearables Curb Addiction?

Several different types of smart wearables are being developed to this end.  For instance, watches and wristbands have been designed for helping addiction to cigarettes, cocaine and heroin, and even tech interestingly enough.  They function in several different ways to help curb addiction.

  • Cigarettes – There is a smartwatch app called Stop Smoking for Wear that informs a person how long it has been since their last cigarette, how much money they have saved, and how much they would have smoked. There is also development underway for an oral implant that detects smoking, as well as a smartwatch which delivers nicotine into the bloodstream.
  • Tech Addiction – The smart wearable that can assist with tech addiction is a multi-purpose device that the creator claims can be used for several different types of addictions and behavior.  The device is called Pavlok, and it has a few various options of how it can aid with addiction.  As far as tech addiction, if the person is checking Facebook too much, for instance, it could flood their profile with posts about them using it too much.  It also has the option of using a small electric shock similar to that of static, which can be changed to a vibration or beep setting instead as well.  The idea is that these stimuli will become associated with the negative behavior and help to curb addiction.
  • Cocaine and Heroin – There is currently a smart wearable under development that could assist with two of the most addictive drugs.  It will function as a biosensor that will give feedback on physiological reactions such as increased heart rate and other signs that could be indicative of drug use.  This input can be received and monitored by a doctor or counselor so that there is someone who will know if the person uses.

Our society is continually coming up with ways to help battle addiction.  These devices may be enough to knock off small habits or addictions or could help when drug or alcohol addictions have not progressed too far.  While they may be of assistance, it is important to remember that drug and alcohol addiction can be severe, and often require formal inpatient addiction treatment and not merely a wearable smart device.  So when an individual or their love is struggling with a serious addiction, it is critical to seek treatment in these types of cases, rather than trying lesser means that often will not cut it.

Seeking Addiction Treatment

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