Drug and Alcohol Effects on Academia

June 5, 2017

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Drug and Alcohol Effects

Drugs and alcohol are used by an extremely wide range of demographics. Virtually every potential demographic out there uses substances to some degree. But, one group that tends to show higher usage is teens and young adults. A large portion of this group is also still attending educational facilities, and yet many of them are using drugs and alcohol despite needing to concentrate on their studies. Consequently, research has displayed that the drug and alcohol effects can negatively impact an individual’s academic performance.

Individuals that are involved in academic activities typically need to be able to focus and concentrate on their studies to perform decently. There are some who may feel that partaking in substances in periods of off time can be a good way to relax or have fun, but what they may not realize is how this is affecting their performance. Some may argue that it does not affect their schooling, or even that it improves their performance, but this is quite untrue. Whether they realize it or not, substances can affect cognitive function and performance over time, which of course will begin to impact their studies.

The Drug and Alcohol Effects on GPA

According to a recent study by researchers from the Olin Neuropsychiatry Center at Hartford Hospital, it was discovered that use of both alcohol and marijuana can negatively affect a student’s GPA. They had evaluated 1,142 students that ranged in age from 18-23. The students had been split into three separate categories: medium/high users of both substances, no or low amounts of marijuana but high or medium use of alcohol, and low or no use of either substance. It was found that those who used medium or high amounts of alcohol and low amounts of marijuana had lower GPAs than those who were sober. And high/medium users of both substances had lower predicted GPAs than those who used low or no amounts of either substance.

Alcohol and marijuana are two of the most commonly used substances within academic institutions. With results like the above from just these two substances, it is likely to be even worse for those who are using harder drugs, such as opiates. These substances can heavily affect an individual’s cognitive function and have the potential for the person to develop a severe physical dependence. Though, alcohol can also produce a severe physical dependence as well. A person cannot really develop a textbook physical dependency to marijuana, but it can still become an addiction for some nonetheless.

Finding Help With Addiction

Drug and alcohol effects are quite detrimental when it comes to a student’s schooling. When heavy substance use has gone on for an extended period, it can very easily develop into an addiction. It can reach the point where it virtually consumes the individual, and their sole motivation in life becomes obtaining and using their substance of choice. They begin to neglect people and activities in their life that used to be of the utmost importance. Family, careers, and education can all become relegated to lesser concern in the face of substances. This is where an individual will often need addiction treatment to be able to overcome this hellacious condition. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of different types of treatment and rehab centers that can help individuals to overcome addiction. New Beginnings is here to help you or your loved one find the perfect fit in a treatment center. Begin the path of recovery away from drug and alcohol effects, and give us a call today.

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