Prevent Addiction

Addiction has continued to be an issue of a very large magnitude for many years.  It can be an extremely arduous and consuming condition for one to struggle with, and it can be very difficult to overcome for many people. Fortunately, many of those who have gotten past addiction and recovered are more than willing to help others to do the same and prevent addiction.

Those who have overcome their addiction want nothing more than to help those who are still struggling.  Being that they are familiar with addiction and what it can do to a person and their life, they want to assist people to overcome this burdensome condition and have their life back once again.  This giving back process helps to educate addicts out there that overcoming addiction is possible, and that there is help available that can assist them to get past their addiction.

Law Enforcement Assistance to Prevent Addiction

Recovering addicts with these above desires, along with helpful local law enforcement have led to programs that work to assist those still struggling.  Recovering addicts and law enforcement will team up to put together community programs that work to assist those with addiction.  For instance, a program in East Bridgewater, MA, called EB Hope Drop-In Center allows members of the community to meet with recovering addicts, as well as their families and friends.  The drop-in program also hosts representatives from treatment centers and other types of services from across the state.  These bi-weekly sessions are open 5-9pm on Thursdays and have had tremendous success in that they have gotten hundreds into treatment centers.  They are now working hard to get individuals who have overdosed in the past to come to the drop-in sessions, with even police officers making “out of uniform” house visits to speak to them about coming to the sessions.

Programs such as this give addicts a positive environment in which they can come to seek help or to get questions answers.  It also provides a place that they can go in which judgment from others will not be a worry, being that the stigma of addiction in the society is a barrier that many face even when wanting to get help.

The fact that law enforcement members are participating in activities such as this to prevent addiction is a very positive indicator.  In the past, addiction was often treated as a criminal offense, the result being that attempts to handle it rested on punitive or judicial methods.  Unfortunately, these types of handlings were often unsuccessful, as addicted individuals were never receiving treatment.  With law enforcement personnel helping to get these individuals the treatment they need, it helps to reduce the fear of punishment that many of these addicts have, which is why many do not seek help in the first place.  A paradigm shift in more efforts like this is what is going to help begin to resolve the massive numbers of addiction, not imprisonment.

How to Find A Treatment Center for a Drug or Alcohol

Being that can addiction can be extremely progressive and get easily worse over time, it is critical that it be treated as soon as possible.  There is a wide variety of different types of treatment and treatment centers that can help an individual to overcome the difficult condition of addiction.  In fact, there are so many that it can be confusing to know precisely which one would be best for the individual, but our staff can help with that.  They are educated and familiar with the different kinds of treatment facilities and types across the nation, and they can help to find the right fit in a center for you or your loved one.  Do not wait, give us a call today to help prevent addiction, or prevent it from getting worse.

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