Addicted Mothers

No one is at this point denying the fact that drug and alcohol addiction is a tough and a brutal issue, to say the least. No one is denying that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse as a general crisis factor is something that is getting worse and worse and which is becoming more and more concerning with each and every year. It is all on the order of magnitude of things that need to be directly and concisely taken up and focused on. All the way down to addicted mothers that have newborns, it needs to be addressed. Basically, as it stands right now drug and alcohol use and abuse is a huge issue that just not enough people know about.

For a brief insight into it, consider the following:

  • There’s a lot of concern about young adult substance abuse, and rightly so. The problem with young adult substance abuse is that young adults are statistically speaking more likely to seriously injure themselves or experience death or an accident because of their substance abuse.
  • As if that wasn’t bad enough, young adults also tend to experience long-lasting complications of substance abuse more so than their older counterparts. What happens is that there is a lot of key brain, mental, and cognizant development that is still going on during the late teens and early 20s. A factor of substance abuse is that abusing drugs and alcohol essentially halts all brain development and mental growth.
  • With some substances, like meth, substance abuse actually hurts the brain and creates permanent damage. For people who are still developing mentally, substance abuse creates a much stronger and tougher, lasting impact on those individuals than it does do to people who are already fully developed mentally and cognitively.
  • Now, this is not to say that there is any perfect age to abuse substances, but it is just to say that young adults are more at risk for serious implications of substance abuse even if they go to rehab and get clean than the risk that older adults are at for the same kind of substance abuse.

Rehab Help

The best way for anyone who is addicted to anything to go free from their habits once and for all is with rehab help. Rehab addiction centers and drug abuse help centers are able to help people to find their path to freedom from even the most grim and grueling of addiction struggles and hardships.

When we look at the types of addictions that can occur, we can obviously see from the above data that drug and alcohol abuse among young adults is one of the worst types of issues possible. Rightly so, it becomes more necessary and more needed than ever before that we really do everything that we can do to make sure that people are able to find their peace of mind and their freedom from beating the harshest and most difficult of addiction struggles and nightmares.

If there is one area of addiction that can top young adult substance abuse in severity, then it is pregnant mothers or addicted mothers of newborns who abuse drugs and alcohol. This could be the worst possible issue here by far. What do you for a woman who is addicted to drugs and alcohol who is pregnant or who is having to take care of a newborn infant baby?

Treatment for Addicted Mothers

Obviously, you have to treat both of them together and at the same time, or risk a serious problem for the baby. The baby has to be treated because the baby went through all of its fetal stages inside the body of a woman who was heavily addicted to and abusing drugs and alcohol.  Helping addicted mothers and their babies is not easy, but it can be done. For more information, contact New Beginnings today at our toll-free number.

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