Weather Influences Substance Abuse

There can be many different things that can influence the rates of substance abuse within the world.  There can be mental, societal, and even environmental factors that can play a large role in the rates of addiction.  In fact, there can be many different aspects of the environment that can potentially play a role in the rates of addiction.  One of the largest that has been shown to have a connection is how weather influences substance abuse.

Factually, individuals of all types and climates suffer from addiction, and the rates of addiction do not necessarily differ widely between different climate areas. But, at the same time, this would be referencing a direct link, but the link between how weather influences substance abuse is more of a long-term consequential result.

Weather Influences Substance Abuse – The Indirect Link Between

Now to be clear, the connection between gloomy or bad weather and addiction is an indirect link.  It is not a simple cause and effect relationship.  It functions more around the basis of how weather affects an individual’s mental health.  It has long been known and shown through studies that certain weather conditions or seasons can affect many individual’s mental health, such as winter depression. There is even the official condition of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  And this impact upon mental health can, in turn, contribute to substance abuse, due to the fact that those with mental health issues tend to be more prone to substance abuse issues.  In fact, it is estimated that around 50% of those struggling with substance abuse also struggle with various mental health difficulties.

In the long run, this means that those in more gloomy or bad weather environments could potentially be more likely to indulge in substances or fall into abuse of them.  These types of environments could lead to more cases of depression or other conditions, which could bring about the potential to indulge in substances to feel better.  After all, the use of substances to ease stress or emotional difficulties is quite common. This shows how weather influences substance abuse.

Of course, this does not apply to every single person that happens to reside in rainy or cloudy environments.  There are plenty of people who won’t have any mental health difficulties and are fine or happy living in these types of environments, and may never struggle with substance difficulties.  But, those who happen to struggle with these types of mental difficulties may be at more risk in these types of climates because it could exacerbate their mental health issues, which could then increase the risk of them falling into substance abuse to ease these difficulties.

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