Addiction to Opioids

Various substances have continued to be large issues throughout the years. One of the largest as of late has been the opioid epidemic that has continued to rampage across our country. Millions of people have continued to have their lives ruined and taken from various different opioids. The rates of prescription have progressively skyrocketed, and the rates of opioid addiction have continued to parallel those numbers. The large problem with prescription opioids is the fact that they have an extremely valuable medical purpose, but they are also highly addictive. But, a new breakthrough in the world of medicine may have the potential to curb the massive issue that addiction to opioids poses to our society.

A New Type of Pain Medication

That new breakthrough is an opioid-free painkiller called Exparel that has shown to be extremely effective in reducing individual’s pain, while also being less addictive. It was originally created in New Jersey and is nearing its 3 millionth patient mark. It not only helps to reduce the chance of opioid addiction, but it also eliminates several opioid side effects, such as constipation and nausea. With benefits like this, Exparel may just be the silver bullet needed to help end or mitigate the gigantic addiction to opioids epidemic.

This means it can serve its immediate purpose without people having to remain on it for extended periods of time. In many cases, individuals are prescribed opioid pain medications for various conditions, post surgery pain, etc. and they then end becoming addicted to them purely because of their potency.  This has been a recurring problem with these medications, and there has never really been a stable solution. While education upon the addictive potential of these medications has helped to reduce the numbers, they are still nowhere near ideal.

Inadvertent Development of Addiction to Opioids

With an opioid absent pain medication, individuals will be able to mitigate their pain with much less likelihood of becoming heavily addicted. Being that a large amount of individuals are becoming inadvertently addicted to opioids, this new medication could help to avoid a large percentage of developed addictions. Pain management is, of course, a vital necessity within the medical realm, but the consistent practice of large doses of opioids for extended periods of time has shown to be unworkable for a while now. It is time to take a different approach to addressing and addiction to opioids, and this medication may very well be the first step in that direction.

How New Beginnings Can Help You or Your Loved One to Begin Recovery

Addiction can be an extremely unforgiving condition in the way that it can completely consume an individual and take over their life. A moral and happy person can transform before their loved one’s eyes into a miserable criminal.  Their sole motivation in life can become obtaining and using their substance of choice. Because of this, it often requires comprehensive treatment for a person to be able to break free of addiction. Fortunately, there are treatment centers all over the country that can help a person to do so, but the large amount of them can also make choosing one difficult. We are here to help with that, as our staff is knowledgeable and familiar with the various different types of rehabs and modalities. We can help find the perfect fit in a rehab center for you or your loved one. Give us a call today.

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