30 Day Drug Treatment

Substance abuse affects a diverse amount of people throughout the United States, and addiction to opioids, alcohol and other drugs are on the rise. The CDC estimates nearly half of all opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid. With prescriptions quite attainable to over 300 million adults in the United States, substance abuse is more than common. Recovery from addiction is possible, but having the right support and treatments do play an important factor the success of an individual. Treatment facility programs can save the life of someone suffering from addiction. A 30 day drug treatment program may be a great start for those suffering from substance abuse.

Drug and alcohol dependence is not just one particular issue for an individual, but instead a combination of concerns. Unfavorable habits, weak coping skills, and various psychological issues may be a part of other concerns. Someone going through addiction may find that programs designed particularly for them by addressing their specific issues will turn out more successful. Committing to any treatment program may result with initial hesitance for many reasons. Having a shorter stay in a facility may benefit those who have less time to commit, and in many cases, recovery is possible with 30 day drug treatment programs.

What Is Expected In A 30 Day Treatment Program

A 30 day treatment program will provide an opportunity to clear the body of the abused substance and think clearly about life without an addiction. Detoxification is a way to clear unwanted substances from the body. As detoxification is an important way to begin treatment for nearly anyone, not every 30 day treatment program will contain detox in the program. Unfortunately, detoxification can result in withdrawal symptoms that can set in quickly and be very uncomfortable. These symptoms of withdrawal must be managed and taught how to cope with. Treatments within 30 day drug rehabs can help to alleviate the troubles that come with withdrawal by monitoring and giving needed support.

Many people will discover their problem in its entirety during treatment programs. Motivation to recover may be found within group sessions and individual counseling provided at 30 day treatment programs. As time in the program is shortened in comparison to long-term programs, the treatments given may be more intensive which can prove more effective in results. Therapy and counseling will be engaged in many treatment plans in a 30 day drug rehab. An aftercare plan may also be developed to help an individual cope with life out of the facility.

Will Drug Treatment Work For Me?

With signs of alcohol and drug abuse, opting for a rehabilitation program at a facility could save the life of the user. Some programs may perceive themselves to be less manageable than others. 30 day drug treatment programs may also seem like a short time to fully recover. The truth is, as 30 day drug rehabs could quite possibly solve many underlying problems within the addiction, or even increase self-motivation of the individual, rehabilitation is a lifelong commitment.

30 day inpatient drug rehabs will provide a safe and monitored environment to optimize better results within the program. Those who have a more serious addiction should highly consider 30 day inpatient drug rehab programs rather than outpatient treatment. This is because checking in with a treatment program regularly in an outpatient format may not give an individual enough attention and therapy they need to recover properly. Not everyone will benefit from one particular program, so getting the right support and knowing programs available near you is important. By calling New Beginnings, knowledge with choices available for your specific situation will be given, and you can begin the process to see results you’ve been seeking for life improvement.

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