Dual Diagnosis Rehab Treatment

Addiction is a condition that has had many differing viewpoints and opinions surrounding it. There are those that have called it a disease, mental disorder, or behavioral disorder. Realistically, addiction is a multifaceted condition, as it can come about and affect a person in a number of different ways. Addiction can manifest within many different types of behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, video games, sex, and other compulsions. It can also come in conjunction with other types of conditions. This is where dual diagnosis rehab treatment is an important factor in successful recovery from drugs or alcohol.

What is Dual Diagnosis Rehab Treatment?

One may ask, what is dual diagnosis treatment exactly? In simplified terms, dual diagnosis is when an individual is struggling with substance abuse along with some type of mood or thought disorder. Numerous conditions can come under these latter headings, such as anxiety or depression, or even anorexia. Those who are dual diagnosis generally require treatment that encompasses both of these conditions. For quite some time, the focus was on treating the addiction and the dual diagnosis portion was somewhat neglected. Although, this has changed greatly over the years, as it was found that it was hard for dual diagnosis individuals to make a full recovery when one portion of their difficulties was not being addressed.

Dual diagnosis is actually much more common than many people likely believe. Some statistics state that as much as a third of all individuals struggling with mental illness, and around half of these individuals are also burdened by substance abuse. A large issue is that the two conditions tend to exacerbate each other. An individual may deal with depression, leading them to abuse substances in attempts for a reprieve, which may then result in worsening depression. This can make it troublesome to really recover from either of these conditions, being that they become so intertwined. Hence, why the previous mindset of focusing on the addiction was shown to be somewhat unworkable in treating dual diagnosis individuals.

The Treatment Approach

As far as dual diagnosis rehab treatment goes, many modalities and facilities now largely focus on handling both sides of the equation. There are also some excellent modalities and therapies out there that address both sides very well, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As an individual begins to work through both sides of their difficulties, they will begin to understand how the two intertwine and exacerbate each other. Many centers nowadays even create highly individualized programs for each person, which allows even the most deep-rooted difficulties of their case to be addressed. Through treatment and time, the individual can learn ways to overcome these conditions and live a happier life. This way, they can break the cycle of each condition perpetuating the other, as this cycle is what commonly causes difficulties in attempting to improve either side.

When Seeking Treatment for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

There are many different types of treatment available that can help those struggling with substance abuse, as well as those who are dual diagnosis patients. There is no all-inclusive form of dual diagnosis rehab treatment that can address every person’s case, but there are so many forms that there is an ideal type for every person. Although, a large number of treatment options can sometimes make it tough to know what the best choice would be, which is where New Beginnings can be of great assistance. We are familiar with the various treatment centers and their offerings and can help find the ideal fit in a center for you or your loved one. Take the first step in breaking the chains of addiction and give us a call today.

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