Rehab Program

There are many types of recovery, there is a slew of different types of addiction treatment, which leads to a huge variety of types of drug rehabs to choose from, and the trick is finding out the right rehab program for you, or for your loved one who is addicted.

The drug-related mortality rate in the United States is staggering, it suffers three times the average global rate of drug-related deaths. Not only in the U.S. are we plagued by this epidemic but the international illegal drug trade is estimated at $400 billion dollars annually! The importance of finding the right rehab, the one that has the best statistics and lowest rehab return rate, is key.

Types of Recovery

When so many drug-users return to their drug of choice, or often even a new drug after rehab, and they go to rehab 4, 8, or 10 times, one realizes the necessity to research the types of drug rehab thoroughly, and the main question remains: what are their statistics?

One might think there are so many types of recovery, with so many drug rehab facilities stating that relapse is just a part of the recovery, that addiction is a life-long hardship that one can’t get rid of connected like a hump on one’s back, and that one can never fully recover. The truth of the matter is that there are different types of addiction treatment at each type of drug rehab and that some have higher success rates than others.

Different Types of Addiction Treatment

When searching for types of drug rehab it is important to thoroughly read over each rehab’s website and know what they offer, what their statistics are, and what their goal is for the addicted. After studying their website and making notes of their rehab program, one should jot down any remaining questions and ask to speak to someone who can answer their questions.

Explain your personal situation and ask questions, this way you can more easily see what’s best for your circumstance. Things you will want to find out are, what are their policies, what is their overall goal, what are their success rates, what is their program. Many types of drug rehab try to fix the problem with the same problem, substituting a drug for a drug, but if one is already addicted, it might cause worry for spawning a new addiction.

Although drug-free withdrawal can seem scary, with the proper detoxification and nutrition that many different types of addiction treatment facilities now offer, it can be an easier withdrawal. Find out what the various types of addiction treatment are and what they offer as far as withdrawal and if it suits your needs. Statistics and success rates are mentioned many times, but what do these entail?

Things you may want to look for are:

  • Longevity: How many years has the program existed?
  • Relapse: What is their relapse rate?
  • Lawful: How many of their graduates live lives arrest-free?
  • Familial Ties: Do they have a better and more positive engagement with family?
  • Testimonials: What do the graduates say? Are there any official, medical, or law enforcement recommendations?

In the end, there are many types of drug rehab and knowing what their statistics are, and what their goal is will help one decide in determining if it will help you or your loved one be rehabilitated and live a drug-free life.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration gives the standard for a person rehabilitated from addiction: in addition to being drug-free, the individual is gainfully employed, in school or both; engaged in positive relationships with family and friends; not involved in criminal activity; and generally making healthy choices in life matters.

Finding the Right Rehab Program

Rehab stands for rehabilitation and that is exactly what one would expect to achieve with the types of recovery available. A rehabilitated person, no longer dependent on drugs for living their lives, this can be achieved with the right help. Call New Beginnings today and let us help you on the road to recovery and to help you choose the right rehab program for you or a loved one.

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