Recovery Meetings

Addiction in this country is truly a growing problem, necessitating drug rehab therapy and different types of group therapy for addiction.  Addiction has never been as bad or as tough as it is now. For example, consider the following statistics as they pertain to addiction and recovery, then we’ll take a look at the importance of recovery meetings.

  • Drug and alcohol addiction does seem to be getting more problematic, to say the least, yet there are ways of addressing it. Studies show that addressing addiction with a treatment program at an inpatient center is indeed very effective and very much needed. Really though the problem is that people often are not interested in going to or attending rehabilitation centers.
  • In fact, for the exact numbers on it, something on the order of magnitude of 80 to 85% of everyone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol is unfortunately completely disinterested in going to rehab. They simply have no interest in this.
  • For these individuals, an intervention will have to be done on them to actually get them willing to go to treatment. Furthermore, not just any kind of treatment will suffice either. People who suffer from addiction need to actually go to a full inpatient, residential, long-term addiction treatment center that will offer the kinds of services necessary to really help people get free from their habits for life.
  • For how this breaks down, detoxification alone only affords a person with about a 15% chance of lifetime sobriety. Detoxification with short-term rehabilitation gives about a 30% chance of lifetime sobriety. Detoxification with long-term rehabilitation gives about a 50% chance of lifetime sobriety. Detoxification with long-term rehabilitation accompanied by aftercare gives a person about an 80 percent chance of lifetime sobriety.
  • You can see here then that going to an inpatient rehab that is long-term and really committing yourself to the full recovery process is the most successful way to do this, yet again so many are not willing to do this when they really should be. Thankfully, there are intervention solutions for those who are unwilling to get the right help and the right recovery solutions that they need.

Types of Recovery

When it comes down to the success of a person in getting off of drugs and alcohol once and for all and for good, the types of recovery that they enter into will, of course, make a big difference for them. This begs the question if there is such thing as “too much” recovery or “too much” exposure to recovery meetings and rehab-related activities.  Some wonder if constantly getting help and going to aftercare can actually be a problem.

As for the view of the professionals on this, it is very rare that taking part in detox, rehab, and aftercare with group support is actually going to have a bad effect on a person by any means at all. This is quite ludicrous. However, engaging in rehab, when a person’s heart is not in it and they do not want to be there, is very negative and counterproductive because they are wasting everyone’s time and it will not work for them. Instead, they need to take part in these activities with full and total willingness. For more information and help, reach out to New Beginnings today at our toll-free number.

Recovery Meetings – A New Beginning

New Beginnings is able to fully and completely address any individual’s addiction or recovery problem, no matter what it is or how bad or tough it is. This needs to be the main focus for them, and this needs to be the approach because this will by far make the biggest difference in their lives.  We also know how to structure our program so that there are no excessive recovery meetings to endure.

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