Insurance Denies Rehab Payment

The last thing that anyone wants is to suffer from an addiction, think that one has coverage for a treatment center to address the addiction, and then go on to find that one’s insurance denies rehab payment.  The truth is, this happens way more often than any insurance company would like to admit.  Actually, 43 of the 50 states in the United States have laws on the books that require group insurance health plans to cover addiction treatment.  However, this does not mean that insurance companies won’t try to get out of paying for treatment in one way or another.

In these forty-three states the different types of insurance plans that are available to the general populace like PPO and HMO health insurance plans are required to follow all state laws and provide for any and all additional coverage requested by an employer of a covered employee.  The reality, however, is that a number of insurance providers will do anything and everything that they possibly can to deny individuals coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment of almost any kind. Addiction treatment is expensive and insurance companies don’t want to have to float that bill.

What to Do if Your Insurance Denies Rehab Payment

When this happens to a drug or alcohol abuser who is trying to get help for an addiction it really can seem like all hope is lost.  This is not the case though.  Several solutions exist to try to bounce back when your insurance denies rehab payment.

For example:

  • You can check your employee handbook.  The first stop should always be your employee benefits handbook, which is something that you should have gotten when you started working for your current company.  Your company may have a policy in which they can override the decision of the insurance company and help you accordingly to whatever degree that you need such help.
  • Ask government agencies to help you in your plight.  State offices are the ones who are most responsible for the enforcement of addiction treatment insurance laws. Contact the office of the state insurance department, state health department or even the attorney general’s office if you feel that you are not getting the coverage required by law and want to get the coverage so you can afford to go to rehab.
  • Ask the rehab center for help to get insurance coverage.  Drug and alcohol rehab centers will generally stand by you and help you out in your fight against the insurance company. In addition to that though, addiction treatment centers may be able to provide some alternatives to help offset the cost of care such as private financing through their network of lenders and loaners.

No one should continue to suffer with an addiction needlessly.  There are solutions and resolutions for anyone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  With the above tools, one who is being impeded by insurance coverage can still work out a solution and move forward with it.   Call us today if your insurance denies rehab payment to learn more about your options.

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