Sober Living Homes

In some instances, returning home after completing an addiction treatment program is not the best choice. If you are leaving an addiction treatment facility after completing your program, you must focus on remaining sober and drug-free. And you have to decide what is the best way for you to do this. You may need to weigh the benefits of sober living homes against your odds of remaining sober if you return to your home as it was before attending rehab.

Is Your Life at Home a Healthy Environment for Sobriety?

You are isolated from drugs or alcohol while in an inpatient facility, so you may feel confident about your sobriety. However, if you return to a home where alcohol is present, or family members are participating in drug use, it may not be so easy for you to avoid the temptation when the cravings come (and they will come).

If you go back to your old neighborhood where you used drugs or hung out at bars with friends, you may have trouble resisting the urge to have only one drink or smoke one joint with them. You can’t become over-confident and think you can handle your drug of choice now. You can’t; many individuals make this mistake.

What are Sober Living Homes?

A sober living home is a way to transition back into society when a person is newly recovering from addiction. These homes are group homes where you and others who are new to recovery temporarily reside. A manager or counselor lives in the home and sees that house rules are adhered to by all residents. Sober living homes allow no alcohol or drug use. You will be residing with others who are remaining free of drugs and alcohol.

You receive the structure and stability that you need while residing in a sober living home. There is more independence than in an inpatient facility, but you won’t be entirely on your own without supervision. Remaining sober will be easier for you if you are in an environment of sober living. Each resident shares responsibilities for chores in the home.

What is Allowed in a Sober Living Home?

In a sober living home, you are allowed to come and go on your own as long as you abide by the rules of the house. You can leave to go to a job or group meetings. Also, you may have some one-on-one counseling sessions to attend. You can even leave for leisure activities or to visit family and friends as long as you remain sober and responsible. Some sober living homes have random drug testing to assure its residents are staying drug-free.

Some benefits of living in a sober living home include:

  • Receiving support and encouragement from other residents
  • Having a stable living environment
  • Someone to talk to, share meals with, and attend activities with
  • Having a safe, drug-free environment

One of the benefits of sober living homes is that the rental rates are usually similar to the prices of moderately-priced apartments. Many times the utilities are included as long as you don’t abuse the privileges.

Seek Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you need help for drug or alcohol addiction, ask for help at a professional inpatient addiction treatment facility. You can receive a treatment program that will be tailor-made for your individual needs and preferences. After completing treatment, a sober living home can help you transition back into your environment as a sober, healthy individual.

Call one of our informed representatives today to learn more about the programs that we offer at our facility, or to learn more about the benefits of sober living homes. You will be glad that you made that call.


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