Most of the time, only one person in a family needs addiction treatment.  But, it’s not uncommon for couples to be struggling with addiction problems simultaneously.  They often enable each other and fuel the substance abuse with dysfunctional dynamics in the relationship.  If both partners want to undergo treatment at the same time, it will be difficult, but it’s not impossible for couples in recovery together to succeed.

Steps to Success for Couples in Recovery

After a couple decides to enter treatment together, there a few specific things that need to be in place both during treatment and after returning home.  Of course, the first step is choosing a quality rehabilitation facility that can create a treatment plan that works for each person individually.

Some of the other things that need to occur include:

  • Both individuals must focus on their own sobriety first.
  • They each must reach out to others outside of the relationship for support in addition to helping each other.
  • The couple should participate in couples counseling as well as individual counseling to help identify the dynamics that are not improving the relationship.
  • Each person must accept that recovering as a couple requires patience and flexibility on their part.
  • They must both demonstrate respect and commitment to the relationship.
  • Both individuals should seek extra help through books, DVDs, self-help groups, and other tools that will help in their recovery process.
  • They should sit down together and work out a plan for reaching their goals.
  • They must remember that they are both working toward the same thing, lasting recovery.

Working on recovery together is one of the most significant challenges a couple will face.  They will need to learn how to put themselves in each other’s place. Letting go of anger and resentment will be difficult, but if they follow the above steps, it is possible for this to work well for both parties.

From Using Together to Recovering Together

Couples in RecoveryWhen a couple attempts to go from using together to a couples in recovery together, a lot of changes have to be made when they return from rehab. They will have to learn how to manage a household that is substance free and low stress. It might involve getting to know each other again because both of them have changed focus.  No longer are they high and focused mainly on the substance abuse. Now they have to interact as sober individuals and find other interests besides drugs or alcohol that they can enjoy together.

The result of their dedication and hard work will depend on the couple.  Even after going to meetings, managing triggers, and supporting each other, one or both of them could relapse.  If a relapse happens, it should not be seen as a sign of failure. If only one partner relapses, the other one must remain strong and not let it bring them to relapse as well.

Recovering couples should try to look at it as helping each other through a chronic disease like cancer or diabetes. If one or both were suffering one of those illnesses, learning about the disease and how it affects the person is the first step.  Next, learning how to do things to help such as nutrition, exercise, and positive outlook can go a long way in addiction recovery also.

How to Find the Right Program for Couples

If you and your loved one are ready to enter addiction treatment together, contact us today to find out about the right program for your situation.  We will be happy to answer your questions and recommend a treatment plan that will work for both of you. Couples in recovery is becoming more commonplace today, and with the right program, it can work.  So, let’s get you started on a better life together.

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