Viral Photos of Overdoses

Social media has become extremely prominent in our modern day society.  It is used to spread opinions, media, politics, and other types of things.  It has grown to become quite a device to deliver to the masses.  One aspect of this that can be viewed with either praise or upset is the fact that it can also spread the news of the epidemic of drug abuse.  An example of this has been the mass distribution of viral photos of overdoses.

There has been an ethical debate that has come about in regard to whether the posting of these photos is proper or not.  While some believe these pictures are not helpful, they can be extremely conducive to raising the awareness of the epidemic that is raging across our nation.  Some policemen have posted photos of overdose victims they find on duty.  This has included pictures of simply individuals passed out, or even overdosed and passed out with their children in their car.  Some have advocated against this, stating issues regarding the ethics of it, as well as the shame it can bring upon those who the pictures are of.

The Effects Viral Photos of Overdoses Have on Addicts

Those affected by the pictures being posted online, such as those who have overdosed or their families have been in dispute of these types of photos.  Their upset with these being published online is entirely understandable since they are the most intimately affected by them.  These photos can cause much embarrassment, and shock to the individual and those around them.  The fact being that these types of photos capture many of these people at their absolute lowest point.  It has even gone to such an extent that the people captured in these kinds of photos have gotten hate mail.

While it can be very shameful for those who are having overdose pictures taken of them, it could be the awareness needed in the general public.  People who see these viral photos of overdoses could be much more deterred from falling into the difficult trap that is an addiction.  Seeing these extreme consequences could curb their substance abuse or contemplation of using.  While it can bring embarrassment and difficulty to those in the pictures, it very well may be cultivating prevention in a way.  In all reality, it is not the best practice to post these types of images, but the ones already circulating could be just what is needed to display the hellacious reality of addiction.

While the releases of these viral photos of overdoses should not be made into a regular practice, the few that have been circulating seem to be raising awareness of the issue.  Perhaps it should no longer be furthered with more pictures, but instead, those already out there will continue to raise the issue of drug abuse and the dangers it poses.  While some find it amusing to merely make fun of these individuals or send them hate-mail, there are others that may be being affected positively by these.  They could end their drug use overseeing them, or it could deter them from using in the first place.  In the end, a person’s struggle with addiction should not be made a public spectacle.  These are people who desperately need to be helped, not crucified for their battle.

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