Helium Inhalation Addiction

June 26, 2017

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Helium Inhalation Addiction

There is a wide variety of substances that are commonly abused. Some will abuse drugs that are typically used for medicinal purposes, and others opt for street drugs whose only purpose is getting high. Then there are also substances that are less traditionally used but can still be abused. This category can include many different household and everyday substances or chemicals. Inhalants are the most frequently used type of substance within this category, with duster and “whip-its” likely being some of the most common. But, there is another type of inhalant that many consider to be benign and inhale it for fun, which would be helium. Helium inhalation addiction can be quite damaging and even deadly.

Most would be quite surprised to hear helium called a drug or being considered dangerous. After all, almost everyone has inhaled helium from a balloon to get the funny vocal effects that it can produce, or seen someone else do this. Many do not view inhaling helium as dangerous whatsoever since it has been being used like this for such a long time. But, the reality is that inhaling any gas like this is really a poison going into your body, and helium can be more dangerous than most know.

The Dangers of Helium Inhalation

What most people likely do not know is that there have actually been deaths as a result of inhaling helium. It can lead to a person’s oxygen supply getting cut off, or if inhaled too deeply, it can result in an embolism. With pressurized gas tanks, it could actually rupture the lungs. Some may simply look at these as freak incidents, but this is not necessarily the case, as it could happen to anyone. There had even been a case of a 14-year-old girl dying after inhaling helium from a pressurized tank.

Prevention and education are important when it comes to helium inhalation addiction. Helium can bring about dizziness and potentially asphyxiation, both of which can be dangerous. It may appeal to many people because of the voice effects and perhaps even the dizziness, but the cause of some of the effects is the deprivation of oxygen to the body.

While it tends to be less likely than many other substances, it could be possible for individuals to develop an addiction to helium. It may sound strange, but addiction can really be developed to anything. Plus, the appealing effects of it may drive a person to continue their use, increasing their potential for being harmed and developing an addiction.

It is important that inhaling helium is not portrayed as fun or a party trick, as this is sending the wrong message to a multitude of people around the world. It is portraying this action as completely harmless, but this attitude may not only lead to more individuals using it but also more deaths and helium inhalation addiction.

Finding Help for Abuse or Addiction

Addiction continues to consume the lives of people all across the country, and many of these people will need treatment to be able to break free of it. Fortunately, there are many different types of treatment and facilities that can assist individuals to take their lives back. New Beginnings is here to help find the center that best fits you or your loved one. We can explain the various options and find a facility that aligns with the needs and wants of whoever is struggling. Begin the path of recovery today and give us a call.

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