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Blog - Category: Rehab

Learn to Live Sober

How do you learn to live sober when you have lived most of your adult life high either on drugs or alcohol? It’s not easy to do. If you are lucky enough to get help and overcome drug or alcohol addiction through a treatment program in a  rehabilitation facility, you will start a new life.  Once you leave rehab, you start your new life of sobriety with much self-doubt and sometimes even fear. You are fearful that you will not be able to make it […]

Avoiding Relapse After Rehab

You have completed a treatment program in an inpatient addiction rehabilitation facility. Now you are faced with transitioning to your new life of sobriety without being in a structured and safe environment. Facing your new life can be a time of self-doubt and worry. Will you be able to avoid the temptation that is sure to pop up and can you avoid triggers which may make you want to use drugs again? Here, we will discuss some tips for avoiding relapse after rehab in an […]

Relapse is a surprisingly normal part of the recovery process that’s often seen as a sign of failure by the patient. The truth is that relapse is more of a temporary setback rather than a reason to throw in the towel and consider treatment unsuccessful. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates for people with addictions are similar to relapse rates for chronic conditions like high blood pressure. Some studies place the odds of relapse after rehab as high as 85 percent; […]

According to many experts, the longer an addict remains in a treatment program, the better.  Of course, this applies primarily to the individuals who have abused drugs for a prolonged period.  It also holds true for those who have a co-occurring disorder that requires attention.  In these situations, a long-term inpatient program is the best option for gaining lasting recovery.  But, there are some instances where a short-term inpatient drug rehab or 30-day inpatient drug rehab is enough. One common misconception among addicts is that […]

state-funded rehab

Treatment of alcohol or drug addiction can seem overwhelming. A stay in a qualified rehab facility is the most direct course to long-term success, yet the cost of a stay in rehab can be out of reach for those with low incomes and/or no insurance. To make sure that treatment is available when it is needed, there are public assistance options that can offer these people the financial support they need to detox and begin the recovery process. These options range from government grants for […]

Public vs. Private Addiction Treatment

Public vs. Private Addiction Treatment: Which is More Effective? The United States of America and her people are now living through the worst period of drug abuse and addiction problems in our nation’s history. The addiction rates for nearly all commonly addictive drugs are well up compared to previous years, but by far the worst culprit in the moment is prescription opioid painkillers and thereby other opiates such as heroin. This situation has been dubbed the “opioid crisis” and the US Centers for Disease Control […]

addiction treatment

Over the course of history, substance abuse and drug addiction have always been a problem. Never has this been more true than now, with addiction to opiates, and drug addiction in general at all-time highs. The last century or two have seen the discovery and production of more and more potent and addictive narcotic substances with the rise of cocaine, heroin, and many others. More modernly, we have seen many prescription drugs appear on the market and many drugs that were at first deemed “safe” […]

maintaining sobriety

If you spent time in or around the field of drug addiction and rehabilitation, you may have heard of the recovery process of “maturing out.” Many people might not know exactly what is meant by “maturing out” so first, we will go over what it means and how it affects maintaining sobriety. Maturing out is known by a few other names such as “natural recovery” or “spontaneous recovery” and generally refers to the process of an addict who naturally in the course of their life simply […]

12 step vs. non-12 step programs

The 12 Step Program Alcoholics Anonymous (or AA) was created in 1935 with the intention of forming a brotherhood of recovering alcoholics who would help each other recover and stay clean and help others suffering from alcoholism to do the same. It has since become the unofficial standard in addiction recovery programs in the United States and around the world. Many addiction treatment and recovery support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and many others have formed around the original core principles of AA. Many doctors […]

non-personalized drug treatment programs

For some time now our country has faced its worst ever peril of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and addiction as both a psychological and physiological crisis. This has begged the question as to, “What are we doing about it, and why hasn’t the problem started to go down yet?” Though some might not know it, not only has the problem not started to go down, it has actually gotten considerably worse very quickly.  Part of the problem might be non-personalized drug treatment programs. One problem […]