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Blog - Category: Prescription Drugs

suboxone based recovery

Over the last couple of decades, over-prescription of opiate painkillers in the United States has led to unprecedented numbers of people who have become addicted had to fight through withdrawal symptoms from the medicine that their doctors had given them.  Many people are placed on a suboxone based recovery program to help them overcome their addictions. The problem has become so bad that it has been deemed the “Opioid Crisis.” President Donald Trump has declared the issue a National Health Emergency, and many of the […]

oxycodone addiction

Opioids are one of the most contemporarily abused types of substances. Their powerful effects can be used not only to help mitigate pain for those with injuries or painful conditions, but they can also be extremely appealing to individuals for recreational use. There are now numerous types of opioids out there that individuals can use. One quite prominent one is called Oxycodone, which is often prescribed to handle moderate to severe pain. What is Oxycodone? There are also several different types of medication that contain […]

adderall addiction

Different types of substances can be appealing to different people. Not everyone will necessarily fall into an addiction to a certain substance but may have large issues with a different one. Some of these substances are considered legal because of medicinal benefit, whereas others do not have any medical purpose and are illegal. One type of legal substance that continues to be abused recreationally is Adderall. Adderall is used within the medical realm to treat ADD and ADHD, but others use this drug without having […]

opioid addiction and painkillers

Various substances have continued to be large issues throughout the years. One of the largest as of late has been the opioid epidemic that has continued to rampage across our country. Millions of people have continued to have their lives ruined and taken from various different opioids. The rates of prescription have progressively skyrocketed, and the rates of opioid addiction have continued to parallel those numbers. The large problem with prescription opioids is the fact that they have an extremely valuable medical purpose, but they […]


The epidemic of prescription opioids has continued to ravage across the country for several years now.  More and more people are being prescribed these powerful medications, as well as for longer amounts of time.  This, of course, has resulted in large numbers of individuals struggling with prescription drug abuse as well.  It also continues to take the lives of a multitude of people through overdoses.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids killed over 33,000 people in 2015, and this was more […]

Drug addiction has continued to be an extremely large problem all over the country.  The opioid epidemic has been one of the largest problems that have continued to plague many individuals.  Opioids can be one of the most difficult addictions to overcome.  They can produce an extremely strong dependency and addiction, and many attempts to overcome them but end up relapsing frequently. A study recently put out by John Hopkins University has now shed light on what may be a major factor in the opioid […]


Addiction can cause individuals to do many strange things in an attempt to get their substance of choice. Obtaining and using the substance becomes their primary motivation in life. And they will often do anything to get it, including lying, stealing, and cheating. In a recent trend noticed, addicts have been exploiting veterinarians to obtain opiates. Vets can prescribe pain medications to their patients, but their patients obviously being animals. When an animal comes in with a painful condition like a break, cut or illness, […]

prescription timer cap

The nation has continuously battled with the epidemic of prescription opioids.  As the years have gone by, the rate of prescription of these medications, as well as the amount of addictions arising from them has skyrocketed.  According to a report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Although most people take prescription medications responsibly, an estimated 54 million people (more than 20 percent of those aged 12 and older) have used such medications for nonmedical reasons at least once in their lifetime. According to results […]

opioids increase mortality rates

Addiction affects those of all ages, race, religion, and other demographics.  While this may be true, there tend to be specific trends of more heavily affected demographics.  Recently, the case has been that addiction has become so prominent in middle-aged Americans, that it is increasing the overall death rates of this group. According to a study published in 2015 by Anne Case and Angus Deaton, middle age white mortality had risen by 34 per 100,000 over a 15 year period.  The study states, “The change […]

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay For parents, there is no entirely “right” reaction to the drug or alcohol addiction of a child. There is, however, a wrong reaction — to enable the substance abuse. Unfortunately, many parents have difficulty fighting their instinct to protect their child and, consciously or not, end up enabling the addictive behavior. If you believe a loved one is enabling their offspring’s substance abuse problem, this guide is for you. It speaks to parents of children at any age — both teens […]