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Blog - Category: Alcohol Addiction

Self-Medicating with Alcohol

Self-medicating with alcohol is never a good idea, whether it is anxiety or any other issue you may have. In the long run, it will only lead to more problems and even addiction. If you have anxiety attacks or get anxious in certain situations, you should see a physician or counselor about your condition. According to the Huffington Post: Seek Inpatient Addiction Treatment If you think that you may have co-occurring disorders due to self-medicating with alcohol, seek treatment from a professional inpatient addiction treatment […]

Stages of Alcohol Recovery

Alcoholism is like a thief in the night. It steals away dreams, family members, friends, and even jobs. And in the process, it ruins a person’s health and mental well-being too. Though it has a powerful grip, it can be defeated.  The path to recovery from alcohol addiction is far from easy, but in the end, it is worth it because it gives a person the chance to have their life back again. The following are the six stages of alcohol recovery that an alcoholic […]


What is alcohol?  Alcohol (also called ethanol or ethyl alcohol) is a colorless volatile flammable liquid produced by fermentation and is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, liquor, and other beverages. Fermentation is a process by which yeast is used to break down sugars (from fruits, grains, and other foods) into alcohol. Liquor is produced by the further process of distillation. Wine comes from grapes, beer from barley, cider from apples, vodka from potatoes or other plants, whiskey from barley or rye, etc. Treatment for […]

Battling Alcoholism

When you are battling alcoholism with no support system, it feels like a dark cloud is following you everywhere you go, hanging over your head until you feel like it will crush you. You are not alone. A recent study found that one out of every eight adult Americans is struggling with alcoholism. It’s easy to obtain and it’s affordable. Once you are hooked, it is irresistible. If you try to quit, it is only going to drag you back in. Battling alcoholism will make […]


There is no denying that AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) does have benefits and that it has helped many people. It offers emotional support and people you can relate to. It provides a place to go to fill your time. It helps you reconnect with your morals and values, break down denial, educates its members and provides structure and hope. There is also no denying it is a largely outdated program with questionable success and religious affiliations rooted in prayer and spirituality as a cure. Despite AA’s […]

Alcohol Rehab

Virtually any type of substance can become addictive to certain individuals, but of course, there are some that tend to bring about addictions more often. In fact, there are quite a few substances that hold the highest numbers of addictions. There is also one that has the top spot and has had it for quite some time, which would be alcohol. This legal substance has been wreaking havoc on individuals and families for centuries, and the need for professional alcohol rehab centers has been on […]

Sober Learning Environments

The epidemic of addiction is one which has continued to spread far and wide across our nation.  It continues to affect millions of people every single day, and it grabs those of all ages, nationalities, and other demographics.  There are large numbers of those struggling with addiction who are still school as well.  Handling those addicted within schools has been the main point of concentration for many years, because as the old adage says “the children are our future.”  There have been many different methods […]

For parents, there is no entirely “right” reaction to the drug or alcohol addiction of a child. There is, however, a wrong reaction — to enable the substance abuse. Unfortunately, many parents have difficulty fighting their instinct to protect their child and, consciously or not, end up developing an enabling behavior of some kind. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay If you believe a loved one is enabling their offspring’s substance abuse problem, this guide on enabling behavior is for you. It speaks to parents of children […]

Maintaining Sobriety

It should never be said that maintaining sobriety is easy, but doing it in the comfort and familiarity of your own home indeed takes away many outside pressures. You have complete control of your environment and the people around you, so it’s easy to execute your daily routine and focus on maintaining sobriety. When you’re away from home, however, it can be even more difficult to battle your demons. That doesn’t mean your disease has to win! This guide will teach you how to go […]

Binge Drinking

While there are some studies on alcohol use, misuse, binge drinking, daily drinking, over drinking, alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism, most of the research has been focused on the adult population. Alcohol is the most widely used drug among young adults between the ages of 18 to 25 though, and this demographic has not been focused on as much. Binge drinking and general alcohol abuse, (almost as a rite of passage as it would seem, especially among the college demographic), peaks during the late […]

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