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When we think of performance-enhancing drugs, cocaine is not usually the first drug that comes to mind.  But, some athletes use cocaine for just that purpose. The drug is well-known for its ability to increase energy levels, so it’s not surprising that athletes and cocaine use would become an issue. Several top-notch athletes have been suspended for using cocaine.  You might recognize some of them: Lawrence Taylor (NFL football) Darryl Strawberry (major league baseball) Martina Hingis (tennis player) Dwight Gooden (major league baseball) Although athletes […]

Most of the time, only one person in a family needs addiction treatment.  But, it’s not uncommon for couples to be struggling with addiction problems simultaneously.  They often enable each other and fuel the substance abuse with dysfunctional dynamics in the relationship.  If both partners want to undergo treatment at the same time, it will be difficult, but it’s not impossible for couples in recovery together to succeed. Steps to Success for Couples in Recovery After a couple decides to enter treatment together, there a […]

Each of us has our good days and our bad days. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t go through these periods of highs and lows in our daily routine. But, for some people, these feelings persist to the point of interfering with normal daily functioning. When a person is unable to take control and continue being productive individuals, they are diagnosed with clinical depression.  But, when depression and addiction occur simultaneously, a special approach may be needed. Currently, in the US, ten percent of […]

addicted to helping an addict

Seeing a loved one struggle with addiction can be a very difficult thing to observe.  Family members and friends often want just to help the addict as much as they can, and take away their pain in a way.  Many people can end up focusing on assisting the addict so much that they begin to neglect their own needs.   So, is it possible that a person can become addicted to helping an addict? When you love an addict, it can become a very consuming and […]

cyber hacking and drug addiction

Drug or alcohol use produces a euphoria which can bring about the desire to continue use.  A recent study by Europol, which is the European law enforcement agency, shows that there is a connection between the euphoria produced by addiction and a similar one connected with the hacking of computers.  There are also other threads of commonalities that link the two in different ways. Another similarity between hacking and drug addiction is that the earlier one begins doing these things, the more likely they are […]

costs of addiction to taxpayers

Despite the various conflicting issues that our country continues to battle over, there are some matters that we can all agree on wholeheartedly.  One such issue is the ever-growing problem of people falling into drug and alcohol addiction.  Addiction has damaged lives, families, careers, and communities all across our country.  And it continues to ensnare more and more people every day. One of the most substantial detriments in our country about substance abuse is the massive economic cost.  According to the National Institute on Drug […]

addicts resort to crime

Addiction statistics tend to be rising more than ever within our society.  One of the most unfortunate realities in regard to the addiction epidemic is the massive disparity between the amount of those struggling and those actually receiving treatment.  According to a paper titled Defining the Addiction Treatment Gap released by the Open Society Foundations, “An estimated 23.5 million Americans are currently addicted to alcohol and/ or other drugs and need treatment and other supportive services. Unfortunately, only one in 10 of them (2.6 million) […]

medicaid addiction treatment coverage

The disparity between the number of individuals struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction and those who have received treatment is quite startling.  According to a paper titled Defining the Addiction Treatment Gap, “An estimated 23.5 million Americans are currently addicted to alcohol and other drugs and need treatment and other supportive services. Unfortunately, only one in 10 of them (2.6 million) receives the treatment they need. The result: a treatment gap of more than 20 million Americans. Lack of insurance, inadequate insurance coverage, and […]

viral photos of overdoses

Social media has become extremely prominent in our modern day society.  It is used to spread opinions, media, politics, and other types of things.  It has grown to become quite a device to deliver to the masses.  One aspect of this that can be viewed with either praise or upset is the fact that it can also spread the news of the epidemic of drug abuse.  An example of this has been the mass distribution of viral photos of overdoses. There has been an ethical […]

what is telehealth

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, has been an ongoing problem in the nation for some time now.  America is currently experiencing what is the worst substance abuse problem that it has ever seen before. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), our country is the number one in the world when it comes to addiction problems, and the Office of the President of the United States issued a statement last year declaring the drug problem as, “One of the […]